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Billionaire’s Bride – Episode 3

Billionaire’s Bride

Billionaire’s Bride


It was already 7:00 pm and the scheduled time for the date is 7:30pm

I feel so nervous right now, I heard a slight knock on the door of my room

come in ” my voice sounds tensed, well I’m more than tensed right now

mom ” I called slowly, ” darling, I came to help you dress up ”

but as you can see, I’m all dressed up and I think I’m okay like this ” I stood up from my bed

I wore a velvet gown just above my knee, I left my blonde hair unpacked, just feel like letting it down this evening

I wore a velvet high wedges too and I added a few touch of powder on my face, I just have a thing for natural looks

” you are going on a date my dear and you need to be more prettier than this ”

” mom, it’s not like I’m going to a cocktail party, this is just a date

I love the way I’m dressed right now, don’t make this hard for me mom ” I rolled my eyes and she shook her head

” it’s okay then, your wish ”

thanks for understanding me mom, I gotta go now ” I pecked her cheek and dashed out of my room

My God, I need air. I just hope I don’t act too dumb in front of him, the idiot is damn handsome

What am I thinking? Erase that thought outta your mind Wanda, roland is the cutest. I entered my car and in a flash I was already out of our mansion

Hit the road while thinking of what to say when I get there, I don’t wanna disgrace myself.

I got to the TISEN MALL, that’s the address that was sent to me though

Now, how do I know where to see him, I looked around and saw no one that looks like him at all

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He is always wearing blue but how the hell am I going to know where he is. Damn this fucking marriage contract

He is the man, why in the world did I get here before him?

I leaned on my car for sometime and I noticed some footsteps then I looked up from his shoes to his head

Why am I amazed, he doesn’t change colors, weird guy

uhmm, hi ” I managed to say with a fake smile. He rolled his eyes

can we go in now, stop staring like a fool ” he said and my blood heated up, fine I can’t control this

hey wait, do you know how much energy I used to mutter that Hi and you snubbed it like it meant nothing

it took me so much courage to say that, I’m not that polite so let it stick to your dumb skull, don’t talk to me anyhow ” I flared up and he looked quite taken aback

I can’t let him insult me anyhow, I don’t know where this courage came from but I’m proud of myself right now

are you kidding me? ” his eyes are red already

do I look like I’m joking? ” I held my waist with both hands in a funny way

do you know who I am? ”

of course, who doesn’t know you, Finn Salvatore

The last time I checked, you are not a god I’m supposed to worship

And I’m not fucking interested in this damn marriage, arrogant piece of trash ” I lashed out at him

He got me angry real good tonight, I guess I have to see the movie with Roland

” Wanda Frederick, just wait and see

How I make you miserable ” he said and left my sight

you won’t do anything to me ” I angrily got into my car and drove off to the cinema Roland talked about

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I drove in silence still thinking about how that girl insulted me, she wants me to think she’s different from other girls?

By lashing words at me? That won’t work, but she’s going to regret ever doing this

I am the almighty Finn, no one goes Scot free by doing this and she won’t be an exception. I thought she was just like other girls but now I think she is as hard as nut

But don’t worry Wanda, this isn’t over. You will beg me till your mouth peels off

Picked up my phone and dialed dad’s number

my son, how is your date going? ” he asked obviously excited

you were supposed to ask me, how was my date ” I rolled my eyes

what happened? ”

dad, can you imagine that dirty girl called me names, she left already

But you know what dad, I am marrying her and there won’t be any changes in the agreement

Whether she likes it or not, I have the final say here ” I said in a very obvious angry tone, yes I am so angry right now

She just disgraced my personality, what if people were there, I will be the talk of town by now

I swerved his car in an angry way and parked somewhere quiet

” you are such a darling my son

There won’t be any changes, and the wedding preparations will start in earnest ” dad sounds happy

Only if he knows what I’m planning to do with that damned marriage

yes dad, I will sign the papers tomorrow Goodnight dad ” I said and hung up

Wanda my dear soon to be wife, your mouth is so good at ranting right? I will make sure that mouth pleads to my satisfaction



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