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Billionaire’s Bride – Episode 13

Billionaire’s Bride

Billionaire’s Bride

‘ I am Rina ‘ the woman now known as Rina moved closer to Finn and Wanda

don’t be scared, I mean no harm ‘ she assured them and sat on the sofa in front of them

Wanda sat properly and let’s go of Finn ‘ so, what do you want from us? ‘ Wanda asked with a straight face

‘ that’s not the appropriate question

You were supposed to ask me what do you want from ‘ rina smiled lovingly

fine, just tell us what you are here for ‘ Finn placed his elbow on his thigh with his palm on his right cheek

Finn, I am here to help you ‘ Finn looked surprised at how she called his name, he doesn’t know her from anywhere yet he called her name so fast like she already knew him for long

are you a witch or something? How did you know my name?

You’ve been monitoring me? Or maybe you are one of my instagram followers who’s just seeking for attention? ‘ Finn just wanted to know how she knew his name

don’t rush, calm down and let me explain some facts about you two ‘ rina said, Wanda looked at Finn and he also did the same

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don’t talk yet…’ she stopped for a while, ‘ Reed… Reed… Reed ‘ Rina yelled and

Finn looked confused

He suddenly felt like he remembered something

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does that name ring a bell? ‘ she asked, finn’s countenance changes while trying hard to remember something he doesn’t even get a hang of

stop calling Reed here, who the hell is that? ‘ he yelled loudly

‘ that’s your name Finn. You are Reed the almighty crown prince of mount light ‘ immediately rina said that Finn fell and hit his head hard on the marble made ground

what have you done to him? ‘ Wanda quickly got hold of Finn , he was passing out slowly

let him be, now Katrina, Katrina dear. Do you remember me? ‘ she looked straight into Wanda’s eyes

Wanda’s vision became blurry and she fell like Finn did



Reed, do you think our mount light sect will perish like that? ‘ king levi said to his son crown prince reed

I won’t allow that to happen but then I haven’t gotten my powers

The priestess said I can only activate my powers when I find my soulmate, and I don’t even know her, I don’t know where to find her ‘ Reed said looking devastated.

you shouldn’t be in a haste, she said you’ll know when you meet her. I believe you’ll meet her soon ‘ king Levi said and Reed nodded

if you will excuse me father, I want to go into the woods

Just to practice alone ‘ he stood up and bowed then he left and got on his horse

‘ be careful ‘ his father’s voice echoed

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He rode farther into woods and got off his horse, he took his sword and started practicing martial arts since he has no powers

He practiced for a while and went on to archery, he was looking for a prey he could aim his target at

He then saw something moving swiftly and he monitored it till he shot his arrow at it

aargh ‘ he heard a groan from the same direction he shot at, it sounds like the voice of a woman

He moved closer and was following the voice that was groaning in pains, he scattered the leaves and met a lady on the floor with blood flowing on her thighs

will you just stand there looking at me or help me. ‘ she shouted, reed was frightened at her approach

I don’t even know you ‘ he replied back

but you shot me, come on help me right now ‘ she yelled in pain

so rude ‘ Reed whispered but she heard him

you said? ‘

nothing ‘ he helped her clean the blood and tore a piece of his clothe and bandaged her thigh with it

thank you ‘ she said slowly trying hard to stand up, reed held her hand and dragged her up

can I know your name? ‘ he asked sweetly

I’m Katrina ‘ she rolled her eyes


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