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Big Girls – Season 1 – Episode 14

Big Girls

Big Girls

After Muzo discovered that Becky had finished talking, he placed his hands on his head and rested his elbows on the table and muttered: ” I’m sorry darling. I should have heard you out. Gosh, what have I done. I hope it isn’t too late to get my happiness back”

Becky heard his last statement partially and she responded to it.

“It’s not too late sir, but please don’t waste anymore time to let her know you’ve forgiven her”.

Becky appreciated him and called it a day. But immediately she stood up, Muzo asked again “is Joan really pregnant?”

Becky hurriedly left without a goodbye just to avoid the question.

Tilda has been thinking since she got home. Now she understands that she’s the one with a problem not all the men that had left her apart from Kamulaza, the devil himself. It has always been about her, and just her alone. She had lost a whole lot of great guys because of her arrogance and unrepentant spirit. She remembered some of her past relationships, the guys that loved her but made some little mistakes and wouldn’t forgive them but call it a quit. She’s beautiful, hardworking and intelligent but her character sucks. When she gets angry, she talks to people badly but doesn’t care to apologise even when she realize her faults. Her egocentric

nature had destroyed her relationships and now her friendship with Becky and Joan who had put up with her attitude for this long.

“This is the moment, I need to apologise to Joan and Becky. Gosh, how could I have said such hurtful words to them. I won’t apologise on phone or via text. I will do it physically and try to understand what it is to be truly sorry and to be forgiven.” She thought.

Matilda went to the bedroom to have a change of clothes as she planned on going to Joan at that moment. She came to the sittingroom when she was done to see her phone ringing.

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It was unknown caller, but she knew who the number belonged to.

“What is it Kamulaza, why are you calling me?” she replied to the caller as soon as she picked the phone.

“Really?.. apologise?…

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See I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of something. You can call me back later in the night…. No, you can’t come over cos I’m actually on my way out… I understand

you but I can’t talk now neither can I see you soon… Kamulaza, I promise to call you back as soon as I’m through with what I’m about to do now… alright…bye” she said and ended the call.

Wow, this feels much better than being rude and insulting and later trying to silence the guilt so as not to apologise. This is a great step Tilda, despite all Kamulaza did and you didn’t scream and curse him. You’re doing great girl.” She thought encouraging herself.

She picked her bag and set out for her friend, Joan’s place.

Becky on the other hand sat in her car as she received a call from Ben. She apologized for all that he might be going through as a result of her. She also appreciated him for sending back her money and prayed that may he find who will heal the wound she caused in his life. Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon below. She ended the call after which Ben asked to see her. She was confused and didn’t the decision to make on whether she should go or not. “What if he has something bad in his mind against me? What if he wants just closure? What if?” These were thoughts.

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This is when she needs her friends the most. She would have called to ask Matilda on how she was feeling at the same time she didn’t want to stress her in anyway. And Matilda will feel she is as dependant as ever and will taunt and ridicule her with this forever.

“Nope, I will take this decision myself and be responsible for the outcome. Maybe this is my first test of being independent and I won’t flop it. No matter what comes out of it, I will know that I solely made the decision.” She thought.

She drove home, freshened up and set out to Ben’s place. But she ensured she dropped necessary details of Ben to her maid, Luyando.

All through Matilda’s drive to Joan’s place, she has been rehearsing on how she’ll apologise to her. At some point, she stopped thinking as it was driving her insane and promised to apologise no matter what it takes.

Muzo on the other hand, quickly wrapped up with his work and took permission from his boss to leave. He left for the Mart where he got a beautiful jewellery and also some flowers for his wife. He thought about the pregnancy but let go, promising to love his wife unconditionally, although it will be an addition if she’s pregnant as he would love to be called a father.

He noticed a car in the compound, actually in his parking spot. He called the gateman and enquired about the car owner and as the gateman was about to respond, they heard a loud scream from within, actually his apartment.

He rushed down to his apartment only to find Matilda still screaming, holding and shaking Joan who is lying unconsciously on the ground.


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