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Between A Rock & A Hard Place – Season 1 – Episode 14


Matthew didn’t take the news lightly at all, his eyes had been blood shot red and he looked like he was ready to beat up anything on his way, for that reason, Diane had moved deeper into the bed, gathering her self at the far end of the bed and then it broke him to see that she was scared of him, to see that she winced when he came to talk to her.

“I’m not Uche, you don’t have to be scared of me.”

She wanted to believe those words but she couldn’t, she wished it was that easy. There had been a time when Uche was amazing, when he was her reason to smile, when he told her he could never raise a hand at a woman. There had been a time like that but now, he had graduated and it made her wonder if Matthew would ever graduate to be like his elder brother. Maybe, maybe not. However way, she was still scared.

“Tell me everything that happened.” He said, giving her the distance and space she needed so she could feel comfortable.

“He saw your text message.”

He turned to look at her. He looked hurt, wounded. “I was the reason he did this to you?”

“It wasn’t your fault Matthew.”

“Is it the first time this is happening?”

She shook her head. “No. It’s not the first time he raised his hands at me, but it’s the first time he’s forcing himself on me.”

“Why are you still with Uche? Why can’t you just leave him? Do you want him to kill you first?”

“I don’t want to talk about Uche today, please. I just came here for peace of mind. Can I have that?”

He had a rethink before he nodded and got up from the bed. “Just rest, I’ll bring your food when it’s ready.”

She rested and when the food was ready, he brought it for her and she ate in silence with his eyes, boring through her soul. When she was done, she took her bath and borrowed one of his shirts for the night.

Half asleep, she felt someone pull her to his chest and she didn’t object. It was where she needed to be the most at that time.

The next morning, she dressed up for her lectures which she was supposed to go to from Matt’s but then, she remembered that she forgot a note book at home.

“Do you really have to go to your place this morning? I really don’t like the idea of you going there.” Matthew was trying to change her mind. It was funny for her because it seemed that he was forgetting that she would have to be going this evening to still meet Uche.

“I have to, it’s an important note.”

“I will come with you then.”

“Matthew, I don’t want any more problems from your brother–”

“I’m coming with you, at this point, there’s no more problem I can cause for the both of you. It’s better I try to protect you.”

She agreed and they tagged along.

Nothing in the whole universe could prepare Diane for what she was going to see in her room. Nothing at all.

She walked up the stairs and decided that there was no need to knock on the door, just incase he was sleeping. She slipped in her key and when the door opened, her voice got stuck in her throat.

In a million years, she wouldn’t have imagined this sort of betrayal. It hurt her and pierced at the very core of her soul. It felt like a knife was plunged into her heart and pulled out slowly. Her eyes watered and her sight blurred. The image of Uche ontop of her friend, Zia, blurred.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. They saw her and stopped immediately. Zia reached for the bed covers while Uche tried to explain. She didn’t want to hear it, she just closed the door behind him and went downstairs to meet Matthew.

“I’ll be going to Shola’s, I don’t feel like going for lectures again.”

And Matthew didn’t object as he stopped another tricycle for them. He knew something was wrong for sure when she angrily wiped her tears away. She would talk when she was ready.

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