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Between A Rock & A Hard Place – Season 1 – Episode 12


“Where have you been?” Matthew asked her as she settled on her seat.

“Where did you go to, I was so worried,” Uche asked her and she subconsciously moved away from him.

“I needed some time alone, let me quickly finish my food and then we can get going, good?” Uche nodded so she picked her cutlery and began eating.

She was patiently waiting for Matthew to say it as she tried to stall for time, eating as slowly as she could but not no slow that Uche noticed what she was doing. Matthew’s phone vibrated and he picked it up and looked at it.

“Damn, I almost forgot, thank God this girl texted me. D, Jasmine said she needs you. She said she’s been trying to reach you but your line has not been reachable.” Matthew placed his phone back on the table.

“What’s wrong? Does she need something?” She pretended to act oblivious.

“Something about as assignment that your department is supposed to submit tomorrow, said you guys were supposed to do it together?”

“Shit, God, I totally forgot.”

“Bruh, can she stay over at Jasmine’s tonight, that girl will kill me if I don’t return with Diane tonight.”

“Babe, you good with that?” Uche asked her and someone about the question scared her. Like he knew it was all a plan and he was asking her, giving her one last chance to back out from it.

She still stood her ground. “Yeah, I need to do this assignment. I’ll just grab a few things at home and go over to hers.”

“Great, I’ll come with you guys then.”

That was too easy, she thought as she glanced at Uche through the corner of her eyes.

Something felt wrong, the Uche she knew would either put up a good argument till she stayed or agreed to invite Jasmine over instead. It was either he was hiding something or he just wanted to put on the perfect show of a happy couple to her friends. She didn’t dwell on the thought, all she knew was that she was going to have one night away from him. It wasn’t enough but she was willing to hold onto it.

She needed to clear her head and talk to Shola. Shola had traveled back home just two days ago and she already missed her terribly. She might be a very mean person but when she wanted to be sweet, she was actually extremely sweet plus, she gave the best advices after all.

When she was done with eating, they all got into Uche’s car. He dropped Zia off at her place first then reached her room. After she grabbed the few things, she followed Matt outside with her phone clutched in her hands. He has had to give it to her too.

Matt stopped a tricycle fondly called keke na pep and they got on, heading for his place.

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