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Between A Rock & A Hard Place – Season 1 – Episode 10


Matt was the first person she noticed when she walked into the restaurant, no, he was the only person she noticed. Her eyes immediately fell on him and his, on her. Someone rested their palm on the small of her back and she immediately remembered that she was with Uche. She had to tear her gaze away from him.

They made their way to his table and she looked at her feet more than she looked up.

“Hey bruh, long time,” Matt said to Uche. They did that handshake and back slapping hug thing that guys normally did, Diane could feel him infront of her but she didn’t look up. “D, wassup with you?” Matt finally acknowledged her and drew her into a hug. She was torn from pushing him away and staying in the comforting arms of his, she picked the first choice.

“I’m okay, how are you?” She finally looked up at him.

“Fine,” he said with his eyes, scrutinizing at her. She felt bare infront of him and so she looked down at her feet again.

“Babe, come and sit down.”

She couldn’t help but jerk at Uche’s voice before she gathered her self and sat down beside him. He wrapped a protective arm around her shoulder and dragged her so close to him, closer than she ever wanted to be.

When she looked at Matt again, who was at the other side of the table with Zia beside him, he was studying her, almost like he was seeing past the wall she was trying to build up.

“Let’s order, shall we?” Zia said. “What will you guys have? I’ll go to the counter to make our order.”

“Can’t they come here and get our orders? What are we then paying for?”

“She said she would so it, can you just let her do it? Please.”

Uche had a rethink before he said, “anything for my baby.”

Diane rolled her eyes and held back the disgust she felt when he kissed her cheeks.

“I will have Jollof rice while Diane would have Salad and fish, right, babe? She’s watching her weight, see how far she’s become since I’ve been away.”

Diane didn’t say anything to contradict his order, anything he wanted her to have would be what she would have. She didn’t even have an appetite to begin with.

“You sure, D? I’m sure they have coconut rice or jollof rice, you’ve never said no to rice before.” Matt asked her. She just simply nodded, telling him that the salad was what she would have. “Okay then, I’ll take coconut rice and fish.” He finally gave up.

Zia stood up and went to the counter. The table was quiet until she returned and then the discussions continued. Uche told everyone how much he had missed Diane and how he had been so happy when he found out that he had spare time to come see her, he told them how business had been and every other thing she had no interest in paying attention to.

“D, Diane? Are you even here with us?” Matt’s voice brought her back to the table in time to see that their meal was served.

She shook her head slightly. “Yes, sorry I zoned out for a bit.”

“Where is your phone though, I need to get a movie from you.”

“My phone…oh, my phone. Babe, are you with my phone?” She tried to act confused before asking Uche if he was with it.

“Yeah, you gave it to me to hold in the car. Here it is.” Uche handed the phone to Matt.

Matthew took the phone, as his eyes stared deep into her soul. She buried her head and began to eat..

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