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Betrayal – Season 1 Episode 8


Mike really was a devil in disguise and after the night i gave him my virginity, he changed from Mike who respected my body, to Mike who loves nothing but sex, and it was as if his eyes opened after our first sexual act, and from that moment his attitude towards me changed.

Sex then became all he knew and he started demanding for it almost everyday which really shocked me, for i had thought after our first time, that he will let me decide whenever i wanted a new round. Alas, i was wrong and it just seemed as if our first act turned him into a sex addict overnight and most times i had no option than to oblige him, just to make him happy even though i never liked what i did.

However he never did stop caring nor spoiling me with gifts, but then every good deed or affection he showered on me, often ended up with him demanding for sex. He virtually owned my body that period and i really couldn’t bring myself to disobey him even though sometimes i did try to stop him from having his way with me. This would leave him gloomy for the rest of the day and I will finally give in to his demand just to make him happy.

I wasn’t really happy with the way things were going between us, cos i knew too much sex isn’t good for a young girl.

“What if something happens and he dumps me” i often did ask myself that period, but just the thought of it would send shivers down my spine, and i would end up saying

He was equally my neighbour that period, which really made the closeness irresistible and there really wasn’t a way i could avoid him.

Amara, my best friend, was also not helpful when i finally confided in her, but i really didn’t blame her, cos she equally wasn’t experienced even though she behaved like a big girl…….

“Is he cheating on you?” she had asked me.

“No” i replied.

“Is he stingy?”


“Does he hide anything from you?”


“So what’s hard in rewarding him with your body, it’s not as if you are losing anything, moreover you aren’t a virgin anymore, and even if you stop having sex from now till you die, you still won’t be a virgin again, free yourself and enjoy it jor” she had advised, while i stared at her and said nothing..

But then the more i gave Mike my body, the bolder he became in demanding for more and it just looked as if he was trying to have it all before graduating, which really astonished me. I knew i would still be there for him no matter where he went, but i guess he didn’t trust me and i never knew he had other plans in his mind as he turned me into a sex machine, which he used to display his talent as if i was a w—e.

It soon got to a stage where he demanded for mouth action which i rejected, cos i really couldn’t bring myself to do it that period, and surprisingly it led to our first fight.

As these memories flashed back in my mind, my body shook as i cried deeply.

To be continued…..

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