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Betrayal – Season 1 Episode 7


He t—-t in again and again, while i dug my fingers on his chest as i endured the pain silently, cos i saw he was enjoying it and so in order to make him happy i let him have his way. He really was so gentle that night as he expertly opened and penetrated deep inside my honeypot with his joystick and the smile on his face said it all as he moved his waist to and fro……

He tenderly kissed me, as he fondled and caressed my innocent looking bosoms and i didn’t know how i felt that moment cos it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. He slowly increased the tempo of his t—-t, which also left me gasping for breath as his joystick penetrated and opened my kitty more and more.

“Please stop it’s okay” i finally pleaded as i strongly held him, while he gazed into my eyes and jerked as if something had pushed him from behind, before lying on top of me. I closed my eyes as i breathed deeply and gently pushed him away.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you” he apologised as he felt my face with his palms, while i unsuccessfully tried to fight back tears which finally dripped out of my eyes. Why was i crying? I knew not, cos i gave him my body willingly and not under duress, but i guess the feeling of losing my most cherished treasure made my cry…….

He was very caring and comforting as he tried to appease me that night. He boiled hot water for me, assisted me as i took my bath, helped me dress up, made tea for me and even held me all through the night. Truthfully he really was very romantic, which equally increased the love i had for him.

Oh he simply was an angel that night and i was deceived into believing it was all real, hmmmm who knew how he must have laughed in his mind that night!

As the whole event played back in my head, i clutched my teddy bear and cried. Even though i had gotten over our break up, i still haven’t gotten over the feeling of losing my virginity to him. How could i have known that it was just a game to him, cos he really captured my heart, stole my body and swept me off my feet with his charms…..

“Dear lord i’m now in love again please guide me” i prayed even though in my mind i knew my prayer lacked merit.

To be continued…..

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