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Betrayal – Season 1 Episode 5

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I was unable to concentrate on the remaining part of the movie i was watching after i broke his kiss, cos all my thoughts were now on him, and even though i was the one who broke his kiss, i still wanted him to kiss me so badly, but then i had to control myself, cos i’m nothing but a humble girl who has her pride and dignity to protect, and so i stood up minutes later, while he stared at me with his innocent face which always make me lose focus……..

“Let me go and sleep, i’m so tired” i said to him with a smile, while he equally stood up as well and held my hand.

“Will you come once you are through with your sleep?” he asked with a pleading face, while i looked down.

“I will try” i replied, but instead of letting me go, he drew closer to me, raised up my face with his palms and kissed me again, while my soul melted and i didn’t know when i kissed him back briefly before pushing him away. I immediately fled his room without looking back….

As i lay on my bed that evening, i battled with my thoughts and emotions, as i prayed for him to be real, cos i really do not want to repeat the mistake i made with my Ex, who had equally looked so honest when i first met him, and so in love, i was with him then, that i freely gave him my virginity…….

Tears fell off my eyes as i remembered how he took my most precious asset, and i swallowed hard as i bit my lips. I knew i could never get over that trauma, cos i knew the pain i passed through that fateful night. I thought he really loved me, just because he looked decent and said those words i wished to hear, I guess that’s one problem every girl faces, cos we never really can tell or know the guy who really loves us. Moreover, they all appear good and decent at first sight, that you won’t really see the wolf in him, and woe betides you if you also do have feelings for him which will then blind you from his faults and before you know what had hit you, it’s already too late………

My thoughts really drew much tears from my eyes that evening, and before i knew what was happening, i was already crying deeply, as my mind played back on how i lost my virginity to Mike……..

It’s really something that touched my soul, spirit and body, but i didn’t know it was just a game to him. Only God will judge us all and here is the story of how i lost my treasure…….

To be continued……

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