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Betrayal – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

He opened his mouth to say something, but no voice came out. He swallowed hard in embarrassment and got up,

“are you going back to your room” i asked anxiously, he nodded,
“yea i didn’t warm my soup last night, let me go and check if it has spoilt” he managed to mutter before leaving. I looked away unhappily, even though i didn’t make it look so obvious that i was unhappy.

Benjamin really was the kind of guy most girls do dream of, because not only was he good looking and wealthy, he also was the quiet type. I knew he really loved me, but the problem was just his manner of approach. He was scared of making the first move, which was then left in my hands to encourage him decently, because i wanted him.

By 12noon i went over to my best friend’s room, where i collected three local movies, while she teased me,
“woman you prefer watching movies alone with that your hostel boyfriend who dosen’t talk to anyone abi?” she joked, I laughed,
“e concern you?” i asked and rolled my eyes. she sighed playfully..

Amara was my very good friend, and the only girl who really knew much about my lifestyle, but however, she had one problem. “she was a guy freak, who easily fell for guys”.
Though she already had suffered alot in their hands, she still kept on giving herself away so easily. She was living with her guy Chuks, who equally was the person who helped me secure my hostel accomodation. Notwithstanding she was a very nice girl with a soft nature, who sacrificed her happiness for others.

With three “C.D Plates” in my hand, i walked straight to Benjamin’s room. He happily let me in, devouring me with his eyes as i settled down.

I sat on the floor and watched the movies, hoping he would make advances once again.
I knew, my behaviour appeared desperate, but i did what i did because i had to.

I just sat and waited with a pounding heart.

To be continued…..

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