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Betrayal – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

By 6am the following morning, i heard a gentle knock on my door and when i got to the door, there stood Benjamin, hands in his trouser pocket, smiling at me.

“good morning” i greeted and yawned,
“i’m so sorry for disturbing you this early, it’s just that i was unable to sleep last night” he explained nervously.

I let him into my room, he settled on my chair and kept me company, while i brushed and freshened up…

“seriously i still find it hard to chat with you” he confessed, making me laugh,
“but i don’t think it is a good thing to be shy before a girl, moreover we do like guys who are manly” i advised jokingly. He smiled and stared at me.

“hope i didn’t put you off with my behaviour yesterday??” he asked curiously,
“i’m so sorry about it” he apologized with a drawn face. I breathed deeply, summoned courage, advanced towards him and sat on his laps, planting a kiss on his cheek which left him totally surprised,

“let’s forget about last night” i murmured, got up from his body and returned to my bed. He stared at me with a coloured face filled up with surprise..

“if he is smart he will figure out that my kiss is an invitation” i reasoned as i waited for his reaction.

I really forced myself to plant the kiss on his cheek in order for him to feel free with me.
Seriously i have never met a complete introvert like Benjamin, “perhaps he might still be a virgin” i reasoned.

I sat on my bed that beautiful morning with a calm smile, looking up at him our eyes met..

When a girl is attracted to a guy, anything could happen.

To be continued…

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