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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 2 – Episode 9

CHAPTER 9✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

I went to the ward assigned to Natalie, Life is just so unfair, why? Why didshe really have to lose our child.

“Am sorry your majesty but the child died even before The mother got here” remembering the doctor words brought me pain

I should have never given her the divorce papers, Natalie loosing our child is my fault.

When I got to the room, I hesitated a bit

“She wont ever forgive you ” Natasha words came back hunting me.

I just hope that wont be the case, I opened the door and saw that she was up already.

She sat on the bed starring at nothing neither did she move when I walked towards her

“Natalie” I called gently and she didnt answer me

“Can you hear me” I said holding her hand but there was no reply from her.

“Talk to me, Your silence is killing me” I said as I sat on the bed next to her.

” Seems like I will have to get the doctor “I said and stood up about to go get the doctor

“Why bother?” she said as she stared at me

“I thought something was wrong with you” I said

“You should be happy right that something did happen to me,After all I dont mean a thing to you” she said

“You mean the world to me Natalie” I said as I walked back to her

“Have been a fool, I let my anger blind me and I made you suffer for it,Am sorry my love ” He said

” Dont you think its too late to say that, The only thing linking us is gone, Now you can Have what you want” She said

“No I dont want anything besides being with you” I said

“Dont make me laugh Ryan, The little we could have had together you threw away for a whole month and on your arrival, I lost something so precious to me,I want it to end ” she said

“No, you dont know what your saying, Your just feeling a bit down, rest for a while and th…….”

“What? Were you expecting me to breakdown and shed tears, have been crying for a whole month, Ryan and it has been for you,I dont even have any to shed for my unborn child” she said staring at me angrily

I would have preferred to see her cry, that would relieve some of the ache in her heart but no she didnt, She terrifies me being this way.

“Natalie i….”

“Have suffered enough for the lie, You most especially made me went through it all, am glad that your walking again, You wont be using that to make me feel guilty anymore”

” God knows that I tried to win back your love, I tolerated your mother and kate insults all just for you, I waited like a fool for a month for you to return
am someone who is not easily intimidated but because of you , I became that person, I let my parents manipulate me, I had to endure your mothers threats and then you came along, you used your leg injury to trap me more into it, I tried telling you the truth but each time I tried something or someone stops me,I had promised myself that I wont fall for you, I did my best not to but I still fell for you, maybe loving you is the only wrong I did” she said

“No dont say that”

“I regret loving you Ryan,I really do”

Hearing her say those words hurt a lot, I went to her bed holding her hand

“Dont say that my love, please dont” I said

“bring the divorce papers, am ready to sign them” She said and I knew then and there that Have already lose her.

💭Natalie pov 💭
“How are you feeling sis” Natasha said as she came into the ward

“What do you think ?have been locked here for three days and am feeling suffocated already” I said

“You know you still need to have more rest, its for your own sake”

“I hate it here, I just want to leave”I said angrily

“You know ever since youve been here, I havent seen you smile, your always grumpy and angry, I miss the old you Natalie” she said

The only thing I treasured most in life is gone, Why do I need to smile, Ryan has shattered my heart, I dont think I can ever be the same person, not now or ever.

“This is the new me Natasha, just deal with it ” I said

“He is outside today too” she said suddenly

” Then let him stay there, If he doesnt bring the divorce papers then we have nothing to say to each other, I dont ever want him near me” I said

” but he regrets it ” Natasha said

” If my child hadn’t died Ryan would have divorced me, so whats the difference now, I want my divorce and If he doesnt want to give me then he should stay away” I said

” dont you love him anymore?” Natasha asked and that question put me off guard.

I dont know what I feel anymore, all I know is that there is nothing In my heart and as soon as I get out of the hospital, I will leave and go to somewhere far away.

“I dont love him Natasha and please stop bothering me about him, as soon as I get out of this hospital am going away, To a very far place ” I said

” but why?”

” To heal alone and for me to rebuild my life” I said

” But you can do that here!”

” No Natasha, Its better I go,Its the best thing for me now” I said

Leaving this place is for the best, I thought as I kept on starring at her.

I stood in the lobby with my guards at my side, Waiting for Natasha to come out so she can tell me whatever she talked about with Natalie

Cause its been two day and I havent talked to her at all

” Natasha what did she say?”

“She doesnt want to see you Ryan” she said

” and she wants to leave, she wants to go far away from all this” She said

” Natalie cant leave me, I wont let that happen” I said as I went into the ward

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