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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 2 – Episode 8

Chapter 8✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

“Your papa is coming back today, He is going to know that you are growing in me and you will be the special bond to bring us together” I whispered gently touching my stomach.

Just then the door opened and the queen walked in.

” You haven’t left yet?” She said starring at me

Ever since Ryan left, She has been expecting me to leave the house but I proved her wrong each time and she gets really angry.

I haven’t told her about my child cause she might just do something to it before Ryan comes back.

“Have told you countless of time, I wont leave, I will wait for my husband ” I said

“What husband do you think you have?you no longer have a husband ” She said

“What do you mean by that?” I said

“Have a look and see for yourself” she said handing me her cell phone

I took it and saw pictures of Kate with Ryan.

In some she was either cuddling him or hugging him

In some she was either pecking him or him doing the otherwise.

They looked good together in all the photos, I thought as I starred at all of them.

“Kate and Ryan are now happy, What should have been from the begining but he got so fixated on you”

“And knowing your secret I let him do as he pleased cause I knew that when it was time he would leave you for your lies and that is what he is doing”

“And knowing my son, He wont ever forgive you for what you did, So stop wasting your time and just leave, Am saving you the stress of you seeing the divorce papers he would be bringing home to you, leave if you know what is good for you” She said and left me home

” He will forgive me, Once he knows that am pre.gnant, He will come back to me, Ryan loves me and I love him”I said convincing myself.

Feeling a bit hopeful, I went to prepare food for his come back.

It will be a dinner just for us at the balcony, with the candle on and flowers decorated everywhere and then I would tell him about the child I thought to myself happily.

I was adding the last touch to the surprise when I heard the plane.

“He is here! You know what to do” I said to the maid who had helped me with everything.

I will stay in the room while the Maid would bring him to see the surprise.

I waited for some while and nothing, I was about going to the outside when Kate walked in

“Jeez!!! You really dont give up right?” She said

“Where is my husband ?” I said

“On his way, I just had to come see the fruitless thing you prepared, It all looks cheap and vulgar like you, I doubt if this would win my Ryan heart” She said

“Just go away, they are not meant for you” I said

“I will, after all Ryan would be coming to give you the news, I dont want to be here when that happen” she said and left.

It took me a while to calm myself down and I wondered what news Ryan was coming to give me.

Just then The door opened and he rode in his wheel chair.

He looked so very handsome, it seems like its been years since have seen him, how I missed him, I thought as I starred at him

“Welcome home” I said giving him a smile

A smile I noticed that he never returned

“Come, I made all this for you” I said and i felt relieved when he moved towards me

” What would you like to eat” I said

“Am not hungry Natalie” He called my name for the first time.

“I want to talk to you” He said

“I also need to tell you something” I said

“Lets get a divorce ” He said suddenly and I starred at him

Feeling my whole world crumble.

” Have tried okay, That was why I left, But its not just working, I cant stay with you, I want this marriage to end” he said

I stood up from the chair and went to stand by the window

” Its because of her right?” I said

“Who ?”

“Dont pretend with me Ryan, your leaving me to be with Kate” I said angrily

“And who……….”

“Like a fucking fool I waited, I waited for you to come back home,Convinced that you would have forgiven me but your heart is just so bitter, so darn bitter to forgive” I said crying

“Look I….”

“To think I was going to tell you about my pre.gnancy “I said

“Pre.gnancy!!!What pre.gnancy?” He said

“Your going to be a father,I wanted to share this precious moment with you and that was why I did all of this but now I realise that your not worth it” I said and left the room angrily

“Natalie, Natalie come back here, we haven’t finished talking yet “He yelled after me

But I kept walking off.

“Common lets talk about this”he said behind me

When I got to the stairs, I turned to stare at him

He was still coming after me on his wheel chair

“We have nothing to talk about any……..” I couldnt finish my words because I fell

All I could see was my tumbling on the stairs until I reached the bottom stairs

All my body felt sore and broken but I was more worried about my child

I turned to see Ryan coming downstairs but not on his wheel chair but with his two legs

He gently held me in his arms yelling at me to stay awake

But I was losing consciousness and everything became dark……….

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