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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 2 – Episode 7

Chapter 7✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭Natalie pov💭
Its night already, way past bedtime and Ryan hasn’t come to the room yet.

I wanted to go and check up on him but I stopped myself, After what happened today, I haven’t seen him .

I want to give him space, Afterall he has asked for some time and that is what I will give to him.

Just then the door opened and instead of seeing Ryan, Chris walked in .

“Sorry to interrupt you your highness, I came to take his Majesty things” He said

” Isn’t my husband sleeping here” I asked

” He will be staying at the guest room” He replied gently before going to pack Ryan things.

He doesnt want to see me , I thought sadly.

Feeling restless, I decided to go and see him.

I got to the guest room only to hear Kate voice

The door was opened a bit and I saw her sitting by the edge of the bed holding his hand

“Am here for you always okay, You can always count on me”She said holding his hand

” thanks Kate, Youve been a great support” He said holding her hand again

“So what would you do about her?” She asked him

” I dont know, I just dont know” He said sighing.

Having seen and heard enough , I went to my room to cry myself to sleep.

The next day, I was up very early to prepare his meal.

I had to make some kind of contact with him, I had to talk to him, To let him know that I love him and that I wont give up on him so easily.

I took the food to him myself, Though the maid told me to let them do it but I refused.

I opened the door to find him still asleep, I placed the tray on the table and sat on the bed.

I gently touched his face, He is the most handsome man that have ever known, the most strongest, compassionate and the most kindest, If only he would just show me some compassion, I thought still caressing his face.

“If you think doing this would earn you my forgiveness then you are wrong” He said suddenly

I pulled my hands away and he opened his eyes to stare at me.

” why did you have to come” he said

” I made breakfast for you” I said

” You shouldn’t have, you are the last person I want to see right now, please leave” He said

“Cant you just forgive me, I never meant to lie to you” I said

” But you did, repeatedly you lied, You made a fool out of me” He said

” I was scared okay, Scared of losing you, I had told myself that once your walking again I would tell you the truth myself but Kate took that opportunity from me, I am sorry” I said

“She knew how much I hate lies, So she told me the truth, Made me open my eyes to see the kind of person you truly are”

” And what sort of person do you think I am” I said

“A Liar, An imposter,You use people and discard them when they are no longer needed,You make them believe you love them when your only after something else” He said with anger

” But I do love you” I said

“Liar, You dont love anyone but yourself, You never really loved me cause If you did You wont have Lied to me” He said

” Isn’t there a way to solve this?I do love you, Tell what I can do to prove it to you ” I said as I went to him

” Give me a divorce” He said and I starred at him

” You know that I cant give you that” I said

“Why hold onto something that had began with lies,Well I certainly dont want that and so Its best that we get a divorce”

” No, No,No, I wont give you a divorce because I love you And I will fight for you” I retorted angrily.

Just then the door opened and Kate walked in.

” Why wont you just leave him alone” she said.

“This is none of your business, Just get out of here,My husband and I need to talk” I said

“Your husband ? Dont make me laugh, Your calling him your husband now because you are scared that you will be losing your money, Isn’t that how you see Ryan, You see him as your money making machine , That was why you lied and took your sister place, So you would enjoy the wealth your sister was going to throw away”

” Lies, those are all lies Ryan, please do not believe her ” I said helplessly

” Youve done enough Natalie, Just go” Kate said

” No I wont…….”

“Please Natalie Go away” He said now starring at me angrily

” I will leave this room but not your life because I love you and I will fight for you” I said turning to leave.

” Have you told her yet” Kate said suddenly

” No I haven’t” He replied starring at me

” then let me do it, You see my dear Natalie, Ryan and I would be leaving for a month, together just us” She said making the point clear .

” For what?”

“That doesnt concern you, Kate and I will be leaving for a month and so instead of staying here and wasting your time, Just grant me the divorce and so we can all be free” He said

” So you can be with her, well h’ll no, I wont give you the divorce and if you go on that trip and come back, I will be here waiting for you Because I love you” I said and left the room angrily.

I stood by the balcony, watching out for the sign of a plane.

Its been a month now, A month of waiting, Of hoping and of Believing.

A month since Ryan has left, left with that Kate.

I could still remember that awful discussion we had before he left, He had wanted a divorce and I had refused.

Without bothering to say anything he left, I found out from one of the maid that he has left.

It had hurt because he hadn’t even say goodbye, nor tried to call me or to check up on me

He never even bothered to come home through the whole month.

I doubt if he even thought about me, there are times that I would call only for it not to be picked or for Kate to pick

And each time she picks , she tells me how much she is enjoying herself with Ryan.

But I didnt believe her, I knew that Ryan wouldnt look at someone else.

He loves me just as I still love him and am sure that with the one month that he has been gone, He would have thought about things and then he would stay with me

And then I would give him the good news,He is going to be a father and I, A mother.

He Is going to forgive me am sure about that, I thought happily………?

IF Only I had for see what would happen, I would never have waited for Ryan to arrive.

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