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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 2 – Episode 4

CHAPTER 4✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭Natalie pov 💭
I sat in the car wrapped up in Ryan arms

We were heading to the palace, our vacation has ended

Though i would have liked it if we continue but we couldnt

For one Ryan had to come back to his duties,he had neglect it enough

And second, its best that we come back, i dont want to get addicted to all this

Loving Ryan is enough for me ,i dont want to have my whole depending on him , i cant allow that even with the man i love so much

“We are home,my love”home, he had called the palace our home

I thought to myself , spending the rest of my life in his home is something i dont want to think about yet cause i knew that the secrets of my past will come between us

And like have said, i will savour ever moment with him before it comes out, before my dream shatters right into my face.

We alight from the car only to be greeted by the maids and other escourts waiting

His mom came outside to give us both a hug

Something that is unlike her, i wonder why she even bothered to hug me

Just then i saw my parents coming out of the palace too

Its been so long since have seen them both,ever since Ryan brought me to the palace

“I wanted to surprise you”he said beside me and i gave him a forced smile

If only he knew the kind of relationship we had, he would never have brought them here

Out of curtsey, i went to greet the both of them and together we all went in

I was surprised not to see kate around, where could she be? I thought

“Looking for Kate right?”the queen said starring at me

“Your right mom,where is she ?”Ryan said

“She went on a very important trip , a trip which would determine if she would be with the person she love most in this world”she said still starring at me

Somehow i knew that those words of the queen was meant for me

“Well i hope she comes back safe, so tell me mom,have you prepared what i asked you”Ryan said

“Its all been prepared, now it only needs the main people to get dressed for it “she said

“For what?”

“Another surprise my love, there will be a party tonight, where i would introduce to everyone “he said holding my hand

“You never discussed this with me?”i said gently

“Thats because its a surprise”he said

“Instead of getting annoyed at your husband,come with us so that you can get dressed for the party”my mom said pulling me off

I sat down on the bed while my mom put the remaining touch of the makeup.

I had a bad feeling about tonight party i dont know why but i just felt weird about it.

“Youve been quiet for a long time now, whats wrong ?”she said starring at me

“Mom cant i tell Ryan the truth now”i said

“Never say that again,your happy with him,why ruin it all by telling him that your not Natasha “she said starring at me

“I just cant take anymore lies, i have to tell him the truth, i have a bad feeling about tonight”i said

” listen to me,you will do no such thing, this party is meant for you,so think positively and not negatively”she said gently tapping my cheek

“But mom…….”

“But nothing nat, youve been keeping shut for a while, what more with some little time again”she said

“Mom you dont understand Ryan hates lies and if he find……”

“He wont find out, not if you keep shut”she said gently

“Just stop worrying nat, now get dressed and come down to the party , your husband needs you ” she said abd left the room

I stayed there for a while, wishing with all my heart that nothing would go wrong at the party

I stood up ready to leave when suddenly my phone rang

I picked it up only to hear my double voice

“Where are you right now” Natasha said

“Am at the palace,why ask?”i said

“I am where you are, come meet me at the garden (Asap)”she said and switched off the phone

I cant believe it , Natasha is here ,she is here but how? How did she find this place, i thought clutching the bed

Just then the door opened and Ryan came in

“My love, common lets go, we are going to be late for the intro” he said to me but i wasnt listening

“Whats wrong my love”he said as he drove his wheel chair to stay in front of me

“Do not tell him anything ” my mom words kept ringing in my head

Maybe Natasha just needed money, that was why she came back,she couldnt be here to destroy my relationship with Ryan

“Your making me worried with your silence “he said touching my face

I stood up from the bed and sat on his laps,holding him tightly

“Promise me that whatever happen Ryan you wont leave me”i said

“Why are y…….”

“Just promise me please my love”i said again

“Okay,i promise you, i wont ever leave your side, never, ever doubt that”he said and kssed me…….

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