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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 2 – Episode 3

CHAPTER 3✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

“Ryan let me go”i said lightly as i wiggled on his body

“Stay still nat, dont you know that you are driving me mad by just doing that “he said

“What am i doing to you”i said as i finally pulled free of him

“Figure it out yourself “he said and when i saw what he was talking about i gasped

“You have such a dirty mind”i said as i smiled gently

“Not if its with my wife”he said as he smiled back

“Come to bed,i promise i wont do a thing if you dont want it”he said stretching forth his hand

I went to him and slept beside him,starring at him

“These few days with you have been a great one, i dont even want to go back”he said

“But you know we have to” i said wanting to leave as soon as i could

“I know, i know” he said holding me close and kissing my forehead

I felt so very good, for the past three days have been sleeping in his arms every night, being in his company, having to be his only concern

Just knowing that he loves me is the sweetest feeling

I love him too but i cant tell him yet, not until i can summon the courage to tell him the truth

Just a day ago i saw his anger because a maid had lied to him

He was so furious with the maid , it took a long time before i could make him happy again

Just thinking about what his anger would be if i told him the truth terrified me

I would tell him someday not just, not now that am enjoying my time with the man i love

I would give anything for this moment ,nothing would ruin it, i thought as i smiled to myself

“Why are you smiling?”he said

“Just thinking about something”

“And could that thing be me?”he said as he gently pushed me back on the pillow, while he layed on me

“Who else would i be thinking of if not you” i said

“Tell me something nat”he said looking so very serious


“What do you feel about me now, you had hated me and my guts,so tell me what do you feel for me now because i love you more than life itself and to stay apart from you is like death for me”he said

I smiled when i saw the sincerity in his eyes

He really did love me, isnt it time i let go and tell him too how i feel, i thought

“Ryan i…..i….”

“Say it, whatever it is i will understand but i wont give up okay, i will ke….”

“I love you” i said cutting him off

“Say that again” he said smiling

“I love you ryan, i love you so much” i said gently

He smiled and drew me to him kssing me with so much passion

” i love you my dear Nat “he said as he kssed me again

I felt so very happy, knowing that the person you love,loves you too is the most sweetest feeling ever

We kept on kssing and things grew hotter , i didnt want him to stop and he didnt want to stop either

I had to stop him before he gets to know that am a vrgin and then find out the truth

“Ryan i……”

“Shhhhh…….let it flow okay, i love you and you love me, what else ” he said

“Your injury ” i manage to say

“You will be gentle with me right?”he said biting my earlobes

“Yes,yes i will”i said not caring anymore

“Then my love make love to me “he said pulling me on top of him

And i did what he asked of me, i made love

To the man i love and also to my husband
I woke up to find him no longer beside me

Where could he be and how did he get out of bed

Feeling so worried i got up putting on my robe

Last night had been the best night of my life

Ryan had been so tender and caring, i never knew making love could be so good

Thank God he hadnt noticed that i was still a vrgin

He had thought that he hurt me when i had cried out in pain

But i quickly reassured him that it was nothing which he believed

I was still putting on my clothe when i saw the blood stain on the sheets

I took the sheets into the bathroom and scrubbed off the bl©©d stain

I was shaking the clothes so the water in it would dry when suddenly he came in leaping along with chris and also a maid carrying our tray full of food

I threw the sheet away and went to him

“Why arent you using your wheel chair , you could have injured yourself more” i said

“You were sleeping like an angel and i knew that you might be hungry so i went to get some food for you”

“You could have called the maid, dont you know that you might have been injured again “i said

He gave a signal to the maid and chris to leave and as soon as they left

He pulled me into his laps, “i did all this for you” he said

“And thats why am angry, you shouldnt be doing all this for me”i said

“And why? Arent you my wife, you deserve it all” he said

I kssed him ” not if that can cause you more pain, if something happens to you, i will die ryan”

” nothing would happen to me okay, and you wont die ” he said kssing me

” enough worries okay, we will face anything that comes our way together, promise me that” he said

” i promise” i said as i hugged him

I only hope that when the time comes he would be able to face the secret have been keeping from him

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