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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 2 – Episode 2

Written by bella writes☺☺☺

CHAPTER 2✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭natalie pov 💭
“But you cant possibly want us both to stay here alone”i said

” why wouldnt i want that”he said

“You know youve got to return back home for your therapy sessions “she said

“Have got that handled and covered,a therapist will be here to see me daily,is that okay”he said

“Well if your going to be bringing kate here then i wont let stay here”i said

He laughed,a very beautiful and sexy one,i couldnt help my body which shivered lightly

“Dont worry Natasha Kate wont be here”he said

“I know you both dont like each other,so i wouldnt dream of bringing her here and ruining the little time we would be having together ” he said

“You know i like it when you are jealous “he said

“Me?jealous,who told you that”i said

“I can see it in your eyes nat,could it be that your now feeling something for me”he said

“In your dreams ryan,common let me take you upstairs “i said as I stopped the blush that threatened to show

“You know your very beautiful when it comes to your blushes”he said

“And who told you that i was blushing”i said feeling embarrassed that he caught me blushing

“Come nat”he said stretching fourth his hand towards me

At first i didnt want to go but i found myself moving towards him

He held my hand and pulled me to seat on his lap

“I brought you here mainly for us to work on our marriage,for us to know more about each other and for us to live find a way to stay with each other”he said as he turned my face towards his

“I love you natasha ,so very much”he said and kssed me

On one part i felt so happy because he loves me just like i love him

And am feeling bad too because he still thinks am natasha

wouldnt it be best if i just tell him now,if i told him who i truly am before this beautiful dream turns out to be my worst nightmare

I tried to pull away from him but his hand on me stopped me

How i loved what he was doing to me,i thought as i held him close wanting more

“Your highnesses i…….oh am sorry”chris said as he bowed repeatedly

“Its okay chris”he said still holding me on his lap

“I just wanted to ask if i should take this to your room”he said

“Just take it there”he said gently and Chris walked off

“He is such a spoilsport”he said giving me a smile

“I really think that we shouldnt be doing this”i said

“And what should we do then,should we take it to the bedroom”he said

“No ryan i……”he silenced me by kssing me again and i melted in his arms

“I know okay,your not planning to take it to the bedroom and i will keep it as far as that until you can love me like i love you”he said

“So lets get to know each other more,and who know you might just fall for me”he said and kssed my lips

If only he knew that i love him,i thought silently to myself

I sat on the lounger starring at the nurse as she gave him his therapy in the water

Just starring at him,giving his best made me feel so proud of him

Its been three days,three days alone with ryan

It has really been fascinating just by being with him

He has been nothing but caring and understanding and gentle

He has done a lot of things just trying to win my heart

If only he knew that my heart belonged to him alone

though i still havent told him yet and i have still not told him the truth about my true identity

I dont know if i can ever tell him that,i dont want anything to ruin this perfect moment with him,maybe when we are back home together ,i can open up to him fully but as of now,i dont want to ruin the little peace between us

“His highness is improving a lot,a few more week and he would be ready for the surgery “the therapist spoke to me while ryan had been taken off to his room to get dressed

“Thanks doctor “i said as i walked her out of the house

I went back to the room only to see ryan getting up by himself

“Your going to get yourself injured”i said running towards him

“No nat,dont move close,i need to do this alone “he said

“But your still not recovered “i said

“I need to do this”he said as he stood up fully

“You did it ryan “i said feeling so happy and proud of him

“Its just a matter of time and i would back to normal again “he said

He staggered a bit and when i tried to steady him,we both fell on the bed

With me on top of him,i tried to get up but he pulled me down

“And when am back to my normal self,i will have you once again”he said and claimed my lips again

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