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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 2 – Episode 11 [Completed]

Finale Chapter (31)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Two Months later🌞🌞🌞

💭Natalie pov 💭
” Isnt the sun a bit much for you” Natasha asked as she sat herself next to me on the beach towel

“Not really ” I said as sighed in enjoyment.

” Wow those guys keep on starring at us” Natasha said pointing to two guys who were at a distance watching us.

“They are only starring because we are identical” I replied

” And also because we are beautiful, They are coming ” Natasha said and I sighed in frustration

Cant someone just have a peaceful time on the beach, I will just have to send them away like have always did.

They both look gorgeous but I dont like any one of them

While the first one began to chat Natasha up,The other one came to seat beside me.

” Hi my Name is Nathan and yours”

” Natalie and before you continue, Just want to tell you that am married and my husband is around the corner, If he sees you here, I wont be able to stop him” I said

“Well then,I better leave, Dont want your husband to find me here” He said and left with his brother

” They are so cute,Why did you send them away” Natasha said

” They are so annoying Calling himself Nathan, Yuck!!” I said

” This is the fifth rejection,Until when would you stop rejecting, Youve got to Make a life for yourself, Stop using your marriage as a cover up” She said suddenly ?

” but am not using it as a cover up, Ryan and I are still married”

” Only in the sense of a paper , we both know that your marriage ended on the day you left the hospital, Its been two month since you both have seen each other, Its time you make a life for yourself okay” Natasha said and left me there.

Its been two months, Two months since have last seen Ryan.

I wanted to leave to recover on my own,Away from everything that reminded me of him and My unborn child

But It seemed like I failed because I keep on remembering him no matter what I do.

I love him and to try to forget him even after what have gone through is a hard thing for me.

Each day that pass, I wonder how he is, If he is eating well and If finally he has recovered completely from his leg injury

He never tried to search for me, Why would he? I left him and He has moved on with kate, The girl his mother wants for him.

Its time that I move on too, For two months have waited, Waited for him to come for me and since he never did well its time I give myself another shot.

Natasha is right ! I need to make a life for myself.

I got up from the towel and went back in.

Natasha agreed to accompany me to Miami so I wont be alone.

She has been a great companion and we’ve gotten closer.

Ever since the incident at the hospital Natasha has changed and I definitely like the new Natasha, I thought

I got to our suite to see her talking on the phone with someone and as soon as she saw me she cut the call.

“Oh you are back” she said suspiciously

“Yes I am, Is something wrong ?” I asked

” no, Of course not” she said

” But you look a bit suspicious” I said

” Why would you think such a thing, An not doing anything ” She said

” fine then, I came back to tell you that Your right! ”

” right about what?”

” I need to move on with my life,If I want to be happy again, I just need to move on and have decided to start that tonight ” I said

” Tonight?”

” Yes, If your going to the hotel club tonight, I will come see you and who knows, I might meet Nathan there” I said

” But you dont even like him” Natasha said suddenly

” but that was before and now have got to be happy, Got to make a life for myself” I said and saw the worried look on her face

” Aren’t you happy, You were the one that told me to move on” I said

“O…of course, you’ve got to move on, Am happy for you” She said forcing a smile.

Why Is she behaving this way, I thought as I stared at her.

Later that day as I got dressed, I kept on wondering, what is wrong with Natasha?

” Ready?” She asked as she walked into my room

“Ready” I said and together we left

“Plan changed my darling sis, we wont be partying at the hotel club tonight, We will be going somewhere better” she said

” where ?”

” Its a surprise, You will really love it” She said and throughout the ride, I kept wondering what it was.

We got to a hall and there was hardly anyone there

” Is there a party here ?” I asked

” of course, Go in, As soon as have parked the car, I will come in” She said

Reluctantly I came out and went into the hall.

” why is this place so dark and there is no one there” I whispered gently and just then the light was switched on.

making the hall look beautiful and bright.

I gasped out a wow when I saw the decoration .

The flowers ,balloons and also the Interior decoration was all perfect

I saw that table had been made for two people,could it be that I came into the wrong hall

” G©sh Natasha should have just followed me, I better leave before the owner comes” I said to myself

I was about to leave when someone called my name

” Who is that?” I asked still not wanting to believe that I heard his voice just now

” Have being separated from me for two months made you forget my voice” He said walking out of the shaded place he was standing

I felt my legs go weak, Its really him, He came for me.

“R..Ry…Ryan” I called feeling my legs go weak, I would have fall if he hadnt caught me

“Is this really you or my Imagination “I asked

” Its me my love” He said placing me on the chair and kneeling in front of me

“Am sorry that I took so long to come for you, I wanted to give you the space and time to heal” He said as he took my hands in his

” Two months, Two months Is just too long, when I left I had the intention of leaving you for good but I find that I wanted you back but I couldnt return and I knew that if you loved me you will search for me,I almost lost hope but your here” I said

” Yes, I am here and sorry that It took me so long”

” Am sorry that I left you on your own, I should have forgiven you and stayed with you but I left you and went off with kate, You leaving me is something I deserve too and so now that we’ve both stayed apart from each other and we’ve both healed, We can go back to being one right ?” He asked

I gave him a smile and he pulled me into his arms to kss me

And then hugged me ” I love you, dont ever leave me again ” he said and I nodded and held him fiercely…….

“Its going to be alright ” My mom said as she stood beside me in the waiting room

“Yes Ryan, My sis is very strong she would make it” Natasha added

“She better make it, She promised me” I said starring at the entrance of the operating room

The doctors havr been in there with her for long and its bothering me,What if something had happened.

I starred around me and saw my mom trying to comfort me,Finally she has accepted Natalie and is looking forward to getting her grandchildren, Natasha has found a perfect guy and their parents regrets everything and are now here to support Natalie fully and as for kate, She left, I couldnt have someone who hate my wife living or staying close to me.

Its been a year since I went to search for her

I would always be grateful to Natasha who called me and told me where they were

The doctor walked towards us having a beaming smile

“Your father, your the father of twin” the doctor said and and i felt so very proud and excited

As soon as I was allowed to go see her, I went in

In her arms was our two bundle of joy.

” My love ” she called and I went to her,staring at our boys

” they look so much like you” She said

” And you too” I said kssing her forehead

” thanks my love, Thanks for being with me, Thanks for not leaving me when I needed you the most, Thanks for loving me and being in my life, Thanks for our babies ” I said

” Your welcome my handsome king” She said giving me a smile

” Have I told you I love you today” she asked

” no you havent” I said

“I love you Ryan,These are the words I will always tell you for the rest of our lives” she said and I kssed her

“I love you too, For now and forever” I said and she gave me her sweet smile

Life would just be as sweet as her smile……

sweet 😍😍😍

Happy ending❤❤❤

Thanks my Dearie’s for your constant support on this story of mine🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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