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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 2 – Episode 10

Semi final (chapter 10)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭Ryan pov 💭
I got to her ward to find her trying to get up by herself

She staggered a bit and quickly I went to her holding her up

“Why get out of bed when your not strong yet” I said starring down at her

“Am fine, I can do it on my own, Let go” she said starring at me angrily

Am already getting used to the angry glare she gives me anytime I come over.

Her face had always shone with her beautiful smiles but ever since she lost the child, she hadnt smile which worried me a lot.

She bottled a lot of her feelings and that is changing her from the person we all knew, From the Natalie I fell in love with

“I need to pee,so let me go” she said and I released her.

On her own she went to the toilet and a while later she came out

“Your still here?”

“We both have to talk and I wont leave until we do so” I said

” there is nothing to talk about, Just bring me the divorce papers and I sign ” I said

“No Natalie, I wont give you a divorce anymore” He said

“Feeling guilty about the child we lost, dont bother, I know that wherever he will be, he is happy there, So dont feel guilty, Its too late for that now” She said starring at me

” Believe it or not Natalie, have also suffered for our child and as youve said, He is happy wherever he is but that doesnt mean that we have to have a divorce, I love you and you still love me”

“Thats where your wrong, I no longer love you Ryan , The love i felt for you died with my unborn child ” she said

“Thats a lie, I know for a fact that you are lying , You still love me and I can prove it” I said and went to her pulling her to me

“Dont you dare kss me” she said warning me

“Have missed your ksses” I said and without wasting anymore time, I kssed her

She tried fighting me but I was way stronger than her

I lift her in my arms and carried her to the bed.

“Ryan stop, we are in a hospital” she managed to say

” I dont care, Have missed you so much and I really need you right now, I want you,I love you” I said kssing her again.

All through everything,I managed to lock the door and I made sweet passionate love to her, Wanting to show her how much I love her.

💭Natalie pov💭
“That was great, I love you ” He said as he pulled me into his arms

Am such a fool, why did I let my body take charge over my head.

He has hurt me a lot and now I just slept with him, He will think that I want him back in my life and that is something I dont want , Not now or ever.

“Am sorry Natalie,sorry for everything that have put you through, I was hurt by your lies and happy to know that you were someone different entirely, Happy to know that you gave up everything and let them threaten you and use you just so you could stay with me, happy to know that despite everything you loved me even though I was not worth it, I left for the states only because I wanted to walk, Whatever Kate said to you are all lies, I love you and I will always love you” He said kssing my forehead.

“You should have showed me how much you love you loved me a month ago, You should have forgiven me and stayed with me, yes I waited, I waiteda whole month for you ‘ Ryan would come back for me, He will tell me how much he loves me and we will live happily’ those thoughts kept on going through my head for a month but on your arrival what did you present me with, A divorce paper and then, I lost my child, Just thinking about that day hurts me a lot”

” I cant stay with you this way, cause if I do I will keep on remembering the most painful day of my life” I said getting up from the bed

” Natalie we can solve this another way, Think about the love we have for each other”

“A love which has brought me nothing but pain, I dont want to feel anything Ryan, I just want to be on my own,To think about my future, far from everything that reminds me of you and my dead child” I said

He came to me and hugged me from behind

” please dont leave, I love you so much “he said

” I have to do this Ryan” I said pulling out of his arms

“I wont let you leave, I wont!!!” He said

” You cant stop me Ryan, My mind has been made up, Now please leave” I said

” Natalie!”

“Just go away” I said pushing him

“Okay, do this for me, Please stay, stay here and I promise to keep my distance ” He said

” Lies”

“I swear Natalie , I will stay away until you want me back in your life, please dont go” he begged

“Fine I will stay but you must keep your distance, I dont want you near me” I said and he nodded sadly.

He put on his clothes and with one last glance at me, He left

” Am sorry Ryan but in order to get the healing I need, I must leave” I said to myself

Picking up my phone I dialled Natasha number and on the third ring she picked

“Please Natasha help me book a flight to any place of your choice, I need to leave as soon as I possible”………….

” As soon as I got your call, I came,Is something wrong ” I asked the nurse who I had asked to help me keep watch on Natalie.

“Am sorry your majesty but I couldnt keep watch on her, I left early yesterday and when I returned today they told me that she already left” She said

” Thats a lie, She wouldnt have left” I said as I ran to her room

It was empty, There was no trace of her, I knelt on the floor feeling so hurt

“Fine I will stay” remembering her words brought me so much pain.

“How could you have left me Natalie, How?” I said as the tears slipped off my face.

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