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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 9

CHAPTER 9✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

I walked into the hospital with the guards behind me

I could feel a lot of people starring at me and am sure that they think that am a very important person but am nothing

Just an imposter who pretending to be her twin sister

And just thinking that the prince is already falling for me makes me feel nervous

I dont want him falling because as soon as he is okay,i will tell him the truth and i will leave him

I should never have come back home,everything started when i came back home

I got to his room and breathe in a sigh as i walked in

He was on his bed pressing his phone and the queen was also sitted on her seat pressing her phone

He turned and gave me a smile when he saw me

“Hello “i said as i walk into the room

“You shouldnt have showed up at all,look at the time a bride to be is showing her face”she said

“I only went to resign at work”i said

“Why did you resign”he said

” to take care of you fully”i said

“You didnt have to”he said stretching his hand to me

I took it and sat down beside him on the bed

“You should have left that place a long time ago,my son should always be your first piriority”she said

“Mom just leave us alone,your not helping here”he said to her and after giving me a malicious look she walked out of the room

“Your mom doesnt like me right?”i said

“Dont pay any attention to her”he said holding my hand

“Now tell me,do you regret leaving your work”he said

“My work have always been my life but taking care of you comes first,so i just have to leave it”i said

“Am quite flattered that you left your job all for me but when we get married and i take you back to my home,i will build a big empire for you,what do you think about that”he said

“Am going to disagree with you on this,i dont want you spending your money on me,anything i want i will get it on my own”i said

“Wow,is that really coming from you”he said looking surprise.

It was then that i realise what i just said,the real Natasha will jump at every opportunity when it comes to money but i on the other hand dont fancy money the way she does and so my saying i dont need his money would really surprise him a lot

“Yes,i think so,look am not the old natasha, a changed person and i dont see money the way i saw it before”i said lying again

My lies keeps on piling up and am sure that once its full,he wont like it one bit

“I know nat and thats why i keep on telling you this,i like the new you”he said holding my cheek

This is the first time we would be this close,for the past few days,have kept my distance but today i dont know what came over me

“Tell me are you still inlove with that boyfriend of yours”he said

“Paul broke up with me a long time ago”i said

“Is it because he found out that you are my bride to be”

“No,he found all your roses and chocolates and got pretty mad,he just broke it off with me”i said

“So did you feel hurt or are you still feeling hurt”

“No,of course not,am not feeling hurt or anything”i said

And that was a real mistake,have just given out a path for him,if i had at least told him that i still feel something for paul,he would try to distance himself but now have just given him an opening

“Well thats good”he said smiling at me

“Whats good?”

“You not feeling anything for that fool beause i plan on getting your heart for myself alone”he said

“Well i dont that would be….”i didnt finish my word because he moved close to me and kssed my lips

He kept on kissing me for a while longer and i was sure that he wouldnt have stopped if the nurse hadnt interrupt us

“Oh sorry,i just ruined a romantic moment,carry on,i will come back later”she said

“No no,just come and do your thing”i said quickly moving out of his arms

I didnt miss the seeing the smile he had on his face

I quickly went out of the room,shaking gently

I sat on the chair and touched my lips,i had never been kssed that way not even by paul

Why am i suddenly getting this way over a single kss

whats wrong with me?i thought and just then my phone rang

“Hello natalie or should i say natasha”natasha said

“This is not a time to joke okay”i said

“What happened?”she said

“I was kssed by your fiance”i said

“Was it great?”

“Come back home natasha,please”i said

“No,still cant and dont tell me that you arent enjoying yourself “she said

“Of course not and how could you sleep with him”i said

“Oh that,i just wanted to know if he was great on bed and yes he was,your going to enjoy him i tell you”she said

“I dont want to enjoy anything ,just come back home and take your place”i said

“Its a no natalie just enjoy yourself,i just called to see how you are and since your doing well,goodbye “she said cutting the call

I saw the nurse coming out of the room and taking a deep breath,i went back into the room

Only to see him looking serious

“Natasha,one thing i hate most is lies,if you have anything your keeping hidden from me,just tell me now”he said starring at me

I stood frozen by the door,should i just tell him the truth………

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