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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 8

chapter 8✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭natalie pov💭
“Natalie,whats wrong?”he said jolting me back to reality

“Its nothing?”i said helping him to sit well on the bed

“I will just get the nurse for you”i said

“There would be no need for them,with your help alone i can get there”he said

I stared at him nervously

“Whats wrong ?you look scared,dont tell me your scared of seeing me using the toilet”he said

“Am not scared,i just …….”

“You dont have to be scared,we have both seen each other body so why all this”he said

you didnt see my body ,its natasha you slept with,not me,i thought within me

“Its been a while since weve seen each other body and so it would be best that i call the nurse”i said quickly leaving the room

I breathed out a sigh of relief when i got out of the room

I cant believe that natasha had slept with a man she claims she doesnt love

I wouldnt dare sleep with a man i Dont love and am definitely not going to start with him

I might marry him and be his wife but i wont sleep with him

A while later he was returned to his bed with the help of the two male nurse

While they left i tucked the bed sheets around his body and i didnt miss the sad look on his face

“Whats wrong”

“I feel useless”he said starring at his injured knee

And its all because of me that you are feeling that way,i thought to myself as i starred at him

“I always do things by myself but now i would be waited on everyday”he said starring out of the window

“It will be fine your highness,its just a matter of months and then the operation will be done and you will be back to your oldself”i said,trying to assure myself than trying to assure him

“And besides i will be there with you,all through the process”i said

And on hearing that his mood changed,he turned to stare at me smiling

“Your really different from the natasha i once knew,the natasha i once knew would never talk this way,what brought the change”he said

“Lets just say i grew up”i said and he smiled again

He took my hand and kssed it “seems like am really liking the new natasha”he said smiling at me

It isnt suppose to be like this,he is not suppose to like me,i thought as i gently pulled my hand from his

He would have said something about it but the doctor,the queen and my parents walked in

At least i was saved a bit,this would really be a tough ride for me

“Okay your doing better your highness,just keep on taking your meds and relax and in some few months the operation would be done and you will be back to your old self”the doctor said

“Okay”i said starring at the door,natasha is suppose to be here by now,whats keeping her late,i thought

As soon as the doctor left,i picked up my phone

“Who are you going to call”my mother said as she walked towards me

“Natasha,she is suppose to be here by now”i said

“She will be here soon,dont make her see the desperation in you,all you do is nat,nat,nat,what has come over you,you arent like this with other girls that i know of “she said taking the phone from me

She is right,have been feeling so agitated because Natasha isnt here yet

For the past few days now,she is always the first that comes to check on me and the last that leaves

And have grown used to her company,the old natasha though i always met her twice in a year,i got to note some behaviour in her,she never work hard,she eats and sleep,a spoilt brat and a very easy girl,it had only taken me a few words that day and she had agreed and we both had sex in the garden of her home

But this new natasha is different,she is kind,at least she is kind to me,attentive also,i was surprised when i was told that she works and that she has bought a house where she lives in,

Comparing the new and the old natasha i feel that they are not the same person

But there is nothing i can do because she is the same person,i just hope that she doesnt return to her old ways because am really liking the new nat

“Hey”my mom called bringing me back to reality

“Thinking about her right?”she said

“Yes mom and i do have a right to worry over her,she is my fiancee and for all we know something might have happened to her”i said

“She is a grown up ryan and she can take care of herself,its you that need to take care of yourself”she said

“Why do i get the feeling that you dont like nat”

“So your just noticing,well i never liked the bethrothal thing,i told your father but no,he wanted you to get married to his friend child,if it were up to me,i would have chosen kate for you”she said and i sighed

It has always been kate for mom,kate is the daughter of my mom closest friend,i practically grew up with kate and have always considered her like a sister but mom would never understand that…..

“You know kate and i are like brothers and sisters”

“Well she doesnt seem to see you that way”

“Well i do see her that way mom,the only thing i can ever feel for her is the love of a brother,so please mom stop trying to change my mind,i will only marry Natasha,now please give me my phone”i said and she gave it to me

I dialled my guard number “go find me my fiancee,tell her i need her”i said and switched off the phone

💭natalie pov 💭
“We are really going to miss you”brenda said hugging me

“And i too”i said sadly

Taking care of the prince and also working is really wearing me out,so i decided to pick one and the option i have to pick is to quit my job,though its hurting me a lot,the prince and his health would be my main piriority now,well until he can walk again,once he can walk again,am free ,free to leave him and if he choose to not let me go,i will tell him that am not his real bride

A limo suddenly parked beside brenda and i

“Who could that be”brenda said starring at the car in wonder

Just then one of the Prince guard known to be called chris walked out of the car

“My lady,his highness asked me to come get you”he said

“Wow your prince charming really miss you,he had even sent a car and chauffeur for you”Brenda said

“Stop saying nonsense”i said

“Its the truth my lady,his exact words was to find you and also to tell you that he needs you”chris said

“See the prince has fallen for your charms”brenda said

I just stood starring at her,could the prince really be inlove with me

Oh no i cant let that happen,he musnt fall for me,he shouldnt…….. i thought to myself….

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