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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 7

CHAPTER 7✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov💭
“I never wanted this to happen to him”i said

“But it did and it caused a lot of damage,the damage you have to repair,so natasha whats it going to be”the queen said

I feel so guilty seeing him this way,the queen is right,its all my fault that he is this way,the least i.can do is to marry him,to stay with him and help him recover

If he hadnt saved me,i might have been the one in this condition

“Answer me natasha “she said again

“Fine okay,i will marry him”i said

“That is the least you can do in all this”she said

“Your highness ,have gotten the doctor for you”one of her guard said and with a final stare at me,she walked off

I stayed in the room starring at him,he still was still unconcious

I walked towards him and held his hand

“Thank you”i whispered gently and as if he heard

He opened his eyes and starred at me

“Am glad your okay “he said gently before going back to sleep

I went outside and saw my parents,they quickly walked towards me and hugged me

“This is the best decision youve ever made in your life”my dad said

“Best for you,not for me and am only doing this because i caused that upon him,am not doing it for the two of you “i said

“Its the least you can do,you brought that upon him and so my dear you have no choice than to marry him but as natasha,he only knows natasha and not Natalie “my mom said

“Dont say that to her,she has agreed already “my dad said shunning her off

“Natalie i….”

“Not now dad,i have to be alone,i will come back in the evening to see the prince “i said walking out of the hospital

I went back to the office,to get some days off work

And then i went home to change so that i could return to the hospital

On getting back to the hospital my parents and the queen had left

At least for a while,i wont see their face,i thought as i went to the prince ward

He was still sleeping and i sat on one of the empty seats

Out of impulse i took his hand and held it close

“You need to be alright okay,youve got to be alright?”i said

Wishing i could believe that myself,i know that to get him back to his old self he would have to go through a lot of nursing and care and a whole lot more

And i would be there to help him,its the least i can do for him,he saved my life

“Natasha?”on hearing his voice,i stared at him

He had his perfect blue eyes on me

“What happened?”he said

“You were hit by a car and you were rushed to the hospital”i said

“I remember now,i was trying to save you,are you okay?”he said

“Yes i am,let me call the doctor for you”i said walking off to get the doctor

And soon the doctor arrived and did some check on him

He assured me that apart from his injured leg,he is doing good

As soon as the doctor left i went back in to meet him

“Whats wrong with me ?”he said

I dont know how he would react knowing that his leg is broken and that he would be on a wheel chair for a while

“whats wrong natasha”he said

“Your left leg has been damaged and it would need operation which would take a while and so for now,you will be on a wheelchair “i said

“So your sort of telling me that am a cripple ”

“Your not a cripple your highness”i said holding his hand

He starred at the ring on my finger and starred at me

“Does this mean that you will marry me”he said

“Yes”i said

“Are you doing this because am now a cripple”he said

“No i……”i couldnt finish my word when the door burst open and the queen walked in

“My darling”she said walking towards him hugging him

“Thank God your up”she said kssing him

“How did you get here mom and besides who told you about me being hospitalised”he said starring at me

“If it were up to her,i would still be in the dark,its her parents who called”she said giving an angry stare

“Has she told you yet that she would marry you?”she said again

“She did mom”he said putting out his hand towards me

Not wanting to embarass him or myself,i walked towards him and held his hand

“Thats better,though i would have preferred it if you chose someone else,like kate for example….”

“Lets not go there mom,please,natasha is the only woman i want “he said kssing my hand

It felt so strange to be kssed by him,i thought

“Natasha come out with me,i want to have a word with you”the queen said

“Mom,what are you going to tell her”he said holding my hand

“Its something very important,go ahead,i will be right behind you”she said

I walked off but i didnt miss hearing what the queen said last

“Kate wants to talk to you,she wants to know how you are……”

I couldnt hear the last part becauae i was already out of the room

I wonder who kate is?and why would the queen ask me to go out so she can tell him about kate,i thought

“Just want to make somethings clear
to you,if you mess up with my son,i will…….”

“there is no need to threaten me your majesty,i already agreed to marry his highness,so please no threats “i said

“This is not a threat my dear,its a warning,for any wrong move you make,you will pay dearly for it and if you dare make him feel like less of a man i will bury you myself,i mean what i say natalie”she said calling my name and i starred at her in surprise

“You know?”

“That you arent natasha ,i know,i know a lot more than you do and so my child in whatever you do with ny son,think carefully or else everyone you love will pay for it,they dont call me the cold hearted queen for nothing,am really dangerous,so my dear watch out”she said patting my cheeks

“Now get back in there and show my son some love afterall you caused his accident”she said and walked off

I stood starring at her,the queen seem to be very dangerous and i still cant believe that she knows my true identity

I was still thinking about my conversation with the queen when i went back in to find the prince trying to get up

I quickly ran to him”you will hurt yourself even more”i said holding him to me

“Its just that i need to use the bathroom “he said starring at me in a cute way

“I will go and get the male nurse for you”i said wanting to leave but he pulled me back

“Why dont you help me ?”

“But i cant do that”i said a bit shy

“Why all the shyness now,youve seen my nakedness once”he sajd

“Wha…..what do you mean by that?”

“What i mean is that we have both made love before dont pretend with me now”he said

If he is saying they once made love before then it must mean that he and natasha once slept with each other and now that he thinks am natasha,i would also have to do the same but the difference between i and natasha is that am still a virgin…….what am i going to do now…..

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