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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 6

CHAPTER 6✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭Natalie pov💭
“Stay with me your highness,please stay with me”i said as i held his hand in the ambulance

“Just keep on talking to him,he musnt lose conciousness”the paramedic said to me

He opened his eyes gently starring at me

He wouldnt be in this condition if i hadnt run into the streets ,he was trying to save me and i caused this on him ,its all my fault,i thought as the tears kept on falling

“I….wil…l…be fine”he said holding my hand

“You will be fine okay”i said trying to reassure myself

If something bad was to happen to him i wouldnt be able to forgive myself?

He groaned when the paramedic touched his bloody leg

“Easy,it is hurting him”i said

“It …..doesnt hurt a lot”he said looking pale

“Just keep on talking to me,you cant die okay”i said

“I havent married you yet,so i cant possibly die”he said weakly

He still keeps on insisting on the marriage even when he is injured

“If i end up being crippled,you will have to marry me”he said

“Its not time to talk about that and you wont be crippled,you will be fine”i said hoping that nothing would make him crippled

We got to the hospital and he was taken into the ER (emergency room)

I stayed outside starring at my bloody hand

This is all my fault,if something happen to him,i will forever blame myself

I stayed in the waiting room for two hours and when there was nothing i called my parents and also called brenda to tell her what happen

Soon my parents arrived

“What happened ?”my mom said

“He saved me and got hit by a car”i said

“How could you have let something like that happen”my dad yelled at me and my mom sat on the chair in shock

“Is he dead yet”my mother said

“No mom,he is being operated on”i said

“This is what you want right ,you caused all this and now he is the ER trying to fight for his life”my mom lashed out at me

“You are now responsible for anything that happen to him,if he dies,it will be on your head “she said making me feel much worse

The doctor walked out and on seeing him my parents rushed to him

“How is the prince ?”my dad said and i stayed behind them wishing with all my might that he would be fine

“I would say bad”the doctor said

“Dont tell he is dead”my mom said

“No,he is alive but due to the force of the car on his left leg,his knee bone has been broken,am afraid he will be on a wheelchair”the doctor said

“So is he like a cripple”my mom said

“Not exactly,with time,he will get operated on and he will be fine”the doctor said before walking off

My mom and dad stared at me

“The doctor doesnt want to say the truth but he is crippled and its all your fault”my mom said

“What am most worried about is his mom,she will be coming here soon and if she knows that her son had been injured and it is all because of you,she wont spare you”my dad said

“What happen to my son “we all turned and saw a lady in her midfifties dressed to be a queen with six guards behind her starring at her

“Your Highness “my father said bowing and i also did the same

“I came as soon as i got your call,tell me,where is my son”she said

“In the ER room your highness”my dad said

“What did the doctor say?”

“That the knee bone of his left leg got broken and that he…..”

“He what?”she said furiously

“That he would be on a wheel chair”i said

She starred at me and walked towards me

“Natasha right ?”she said

I stared at my parents and they gave me a pleading look and i nodded gently

“I heard he stayed longer so he could court you when you are his bethroed,why make things hard for him”she said angrily

“I….i…dont love him and i cant marry him “i said

“First i would go and see him and when i come back,you and i would talk”she said and went into the ER room

“Why did you say such a thing”my mother said

“Its the truth”i said

“Do you know that its all your fault that he is here and that he is now a cripple”my mom said

“He is not a cripple mom”

“He is okay,youve ruined his life and i hope that torments you for the rest of your life”she said

And just at that moment the queen walked out and pulled my hand

“Come see the damage you cause my son”she said pulling me roughly

We got into his room and i saw him lying on the bed almost lifeless,with his leg bandaged,a wheelchair had been placed beside his bed

“See the damage youve caused him,he is a prince,a future king and now that his leg is damage ,i doubt if he would be able to fufil all his duties”

“My son is a very virile person,how would you expect him to survive uhhh”she yelled at me

“And with his leg now broken,who would be attracted to him,no one,so you have no choice but to marry him,you made your bed so its time you lie on it”she said starring at me …….?

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