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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 5

chapter 5✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov💭
As soon as i left them,i went to my town house

I just cant do what they are asking me, me pretending to be natasha is enough but marrying that arrogant prince,is just too much

and dad just had to take the money he offered

Well if he thinks he can buy me or better yet natasha well he is wrong

I was still walking down the streets that led to my house when my phone rang

“Natalie “on hearing natasha voice i stopped

“For Christ sake natasha,where are you” i said

“Somewhere in paradise”she said

“Do you know the kind of problem youve caused”

“Oh i know and it must be the prince right?”she said

“Yes it is,have been pretending to be you all this while”i said

“And let me guess,mom and dad asked you to do it”she said

“They needed my help and the Prince was coming ,i just had to do it and besides when are you coming back” i said

“Am not coming natalie,i dont want to marry the prince”she said

“Then its best you come back and tell him that,instead of going into hiding”i said

“Youve always been the courageous one,i cant do it,i couldnt tell them that have fallen inlove,they would only find a way to seprate me from him and i dont want that,so i just had to run off”

“And i had to clean up your mess right?”i said

“Am sorry okay,just tell him off,send him away and am sure he will do go “she said

“Like it was easy,with him saying he wants to get married,with dad and mom pestering me,tell me how he would leave”i said

“Just tell him the truth then,He doesnt know that we are a twin,i never told him and our parents didnt either ,so if you tell him you arent me then all would be solve”she said

“Like it would”i said angrily

“Well have told you what to do to get out of this mess ,as of now i need to go,i will call when i can,goodbye sis”

“Dont you dare cut the call nat,natasha !!!”i called but she had cut the call

Feeling angry i walked the rest of the street until i got to my house

I stopped when i saw the prince car parked right infront of it

He got out of the car when he saw me arrive

“It took you a whole lot if time to come back home “he said

“And why are you here”i said

“To see my future bride ”

“Arent you a smart prince ,dont you know when to stop uh?i already told you,i cant marry you”i said

“That is not for you to decide”he said

“Ooops sorry,its something that have decided a long time ago,now please leave my house “i said as i walked past him wanting to go inside

He pulled me back

“Look have had enough of this,we are bethroed ,i didnt come to marry you back then because i was busy, busy with the state affairs but now am ready ,ready to marry you ”

“Well am not okay,i dont love you,it cant work between us”i said

“But we havent given it a try yet”

“There is no need trying cause it just wont work “i said

“With a little courting from me,you would be falling for me in no time”

“You really are arrogant ,do you think everything and everyone revolves around you?”

“No but as of now,your the only that revolves around me and i want it that way for a very long time”he said and before i knew it,he kssed me

I tried pulling away but the more i tried the more he pulled me to him

I decided to stay still,not wanting to respond to his ksses but i found myself kssing him back and it felt good

Just then i came back to reality and pushed him from me

He only moved back a bit and he still had a smile on his face

“Dont you ever kiss me again and stay away from me”i said as i quickly walked past him

“As have said,that would be impossible,i would court you my Darling natasha and then we will see if you wont fall for my charns”he said smiling

I could see it all written in his face,he wont give up no matter what,feeling a bit nervous and scared,i went into the house

I should have told him the truth,i just dont know why i didnt stop him

“Its here again natalie”brenda said putting the flowers on my table

“This suitor of yours wont just stop,soon enough your office would be full of flowers”she added

I sighed as i stared at the flowers sent by the Prince,for the past three days he has been sending me flowers and other gifts

To him its part of courting but to me its all just a problem

Cause paul have seen it and each time he asks i always say that its for brenda

Meanwhile everything here is for me and eachtime i call the prince to stop sending me gifts he wouldnt pick up the phone

“Just tell me who is this suitor of yours”i said

“Its no one and please take the flowers to the thrash “i said

“Of course not,flowers are delicate and they are not meant to be thrown away,i will bring another vase to put it and aa for the chocolates?”she said

“Eat them”i said

“That i wont refuse”she said as she went off feeling happy

Later that day brenda and i went to the caffeteria to get something to eat and i was surprised when i saw that a food delivery company was given out free food

“whats going on”i said

“Its your suitor,he planned all of this”brenda said as she joined the line to get hers

All this is the prince doing ,i felt so angry

Why wont he just let me be,i thought as i went back to my office

Just then paul walked in looking so very angry

“Tell me why that guy keeps on sending you gifts and dont you dare lie that its brenda”he said

“Paul i….”

“I knew it,i should have just listened to what your mom said that day but like a fool i kept on trusting you”he said

” what did my mom tell you ”

“That you are getting married and that i was some kind of puppet for you”he said

“And you believed her?”

“I didnt want to at first but now i do and you know what,i wish you happiness,we are done”he said and walked out angrily

I felt so sad,how could he choose to believe their word over mine ,i thought sadly

Just then my phone rang and it was the devil himself

“Did you recieve all my gifts”he said

“I recieved them”i said

“And did you like it”

“Tell me where are you?”i said

“At the restaurant beside your office”he said

“Am coming,wait for me,we need to talk”i said

“Oh so youve finally decide”

“More than that”i said and switched off the phone

I took some of his flowers and went to the restaurant

On seeing me he had a smile on his face and angrily i threw the flower on his face

“I told you right?leave me alone “i said

“And i also told you that that would be impossible”he said taking the flowers

“Fine then since you wont stop this stupidity of yours ,i will tell you the truth once and for all,am not natasha am Natalie her twin sister,so now please stay away from me,your real bride has ran off,go and search for “i yelled at him and walked off

I got back to the streets and was about to cross when he pulled me back

“What was that you just said a while ago “he said

“Just get lost”i said trying to free my hand

“You wont leave until you tell me what you said inside a while ago is not true”he said

“Just leave me alone “i said pushing him

He lost his balance and fell on the streets

I tried running off but the yelling of my name stopped me

I stopped to see a car heading straight towards me

It all happened so fast,he pushed me away while the car hit him instead

Through the shouts and screams,all i could see was the prince on the floor with his leg bleeding and he was unconcious

I stood up and ran to him,holding him

“Your highness,yourhigness!!!!”………….

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