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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 4

CHAPTER 4✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov 💭
“Why are you not with them,why come to cook in the kitchen when there are maid to do it “my mom said coming into the kitchen

“I want to cook mom “i said

I didnt really want to cook,i just needed some time away from all of them

Most especially that prince,its been an hour since he told me about us getting married

I didnt feel like seeing him or being close to him cause i feel guilty,pretending to be natasha when am not

“Leave that thing and lets go out,he has been asking of you?”she said

“And do yoh know why,its to tell you that he plans on marrying me but i cant marry him because am not Natasha “i said angrily

“Just keep shut okay?what do you mean by marry ?”

“He told me about it when you gave him the ring to take it to me,he said he has waited enough and that it is time i marry him”

“But you cant ?”

“That is exactly what i told him,so mom please go out there and rectify things, tell him that am not his nat and that am natalie and that his……..”

“Shhhhhhh……..he might be listening okay,so just shut up”she said

“Well there is one thing in pretending but for it to be real thats what am not going to do,so if you wont tell him now,i will”i said

“You will do no such thing”

“Yes mom,have been the good daughter enough,you know how much i hate lies and still i went along with it,the guy i love i lied to him and watched him being sent off by you,dont you think have played enough in this,am sorry am not going to lie again,i will just tell him the truth”i said walking off

My mom kept calling me but i didnt answer her

I got to the sitting room and i was surprised to see the prince pushing a briefcase full of money towards my father

“This is nice your majesty,she is all yours”my father said

“Good”he said smiling

“Hope you arent talking about me”i said angrily and both the two men starred at me

“My God natasha,you were just in the kitchen right?”my dad said trying to change the subject

“Yes i was but mom came to tell me that his highness wanted me with him but it so turns out that its a lie”i said starring at the prince who kept on smiling

“Arrrrrgh yes,he did ask for you a……”

“I did asked for you,i thought you would have run off because i told you i was going to marry you “he said cutting my father off

“And why would i run off,have given you my answer upstairs and now that i find out that your just using dirty tactics to get me,now more than ever ,i dont want to marry you”i said and saw the smile on his face widened

“You dont have to go this far nat”my father said

“No dad,i wont let anyone buy me,we once bethroed in the past but thats all in the past now,now i already have someone i love and i wont leave him for anyone”i said

Natasha should have been the one doing this but she just had to the easy thing and run off and i get to clean her mess all the time

“My my my,youve really changed natasha”he said as he walked towards me

How i wish i could just say it out loud that i wasnt natasha

“Did you think i would be sitting and waiting for you all my life”i said

I could see my dad and mom giving me a sign to shut up

But i could care less,i wont let them boss me around anymore

“Oh really?so the is that i took so long?”he said

“The problem here is that we dont love each other,we were only bethroed and thats all and so now am calling it off,am not getting married to you and i suggest that you go get a new bride”i said pulling off the ring

And taking my bag and my car keys,i walked out of the house

I only hope that he doesnt take it out on my parents ,no matter what they did they are still my parent and i love them

I watched her walking off,i still cant believe that she is the same natasha i always come to visit

She has really changed a lot and has really become more beautiful

When i first found out that i was bethroed to a girl called Natasha ,i was angry at first

But then with time,i got to accept it and when i also met her and found her to be meek and gentle,i knew she would be the perfect bride

I could still get to have my mistress while she be my wife

And soon now,i would be crowned the king and i need my bethroed with me

But my bethroed has turned to a very fiesty lady and i wont deny that i like fiesty women

But i hate the part where she says that she is not getting married to me

I turned to stare at her dad who was clutching the case like it was his life

“What has gotten into nat”i said

“She is just going through a lot of things now but we can assure you as soon as we talk to her,she will come back to her senses”he said

“And what about the part of her finding herself another man”i said getting jealous a bit

“She is only saying that to get you out of her life,nat doesnt mean what she says”her mother added

“It better be the truth cause i want her okay,nat is the only bride i want “i said and they nodded their head

Taking my things i walked to the door and stopped

“Do you know where she is heading?”

“Maybe her rented house downtown”her dad said

“And since when has she gotten a rented house”

“For a while now,she even works,you really dont know so much about your future bride”her father said

“That is what i plan to do,”i said closing the door

Its quite odd though ,the natasha i knew from the past would never work and now she is working

Something is odd about this natasha and i intend to find out what it is………

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