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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 3

Chapter 3✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov💭
“I just asked you a question right,whats going on”he said still starring at our linked hands

“And do i really have to answer you”i said

He might be handsome and all but certainly he is very bossy and rude

“Like seriously nat,is this a way to welcome me” he said calling my name

Does he know me ,i thought still starring at him

“Your highness,your highness”i heard my mom calling behind me

If he was his highness,then he must be the prince,Natasha bethroed

And seeing paul and i holding hands would certainly make him ask us a lot of question

“Will you all tell me whats going on here” paul said


“Its nothing okay,why dont you come with me paul,while she goes with the prince”my mom said cutting me off

“But i ……”

“Lets just go”my mom said pushing him forward

While my dad led the prince guard into the house

I stayed behind starring at the prince ,i just cant believe that i almost gave myself away

If mom hadnt arrived,i would have made him known that i wasnt Natasha cause have never seen him before

Ever since he was bethroed to natasha,i have never seen him before and i thought that when i meet him for the first time,it would be with my parents who knew him but he just had to come at the wrong time

“Shall we your highness”i said not knowing what to call him

I had to remember in all i do that i was Only pretending to be Natasha

“Who is that guy?”he said

“A urrrrgh…..friend of mine”i lied

“And did you have to hold hands with him”he said

“Its a common thing between friends]”i said

“Well i dont like it”he said

“But there is no……..”

“There is nat”he said walking towards me

“Okay am sorry”i said moving back a bit but he caught my hand and starred at it

“Where is the ring i gave to you?” He said

“Ring ???i….”

“You left it in the kictchen,werent you making the food my dear”my mom said

“Yes i was “i said following the my mom created

“Why dont you go and get ready,i will escourt his highness from here”she said and i nodded

Wanting to get out of their midst before i blow up and mess it all

“Wait nat?”he said and i turned to stare at him

“I want you to be the one to take me in he said

” but…..”

“Its okay,natasha is my fiancee and i want her to be the one to take me in”he said

“Oh okay”i said giving my mom a troubled look before going to him

I was expecting him to hold my hand but he pulled me close to him

I stared up at him and saw him smiling down at me

“You look shock,i always hold you like this or have you forgotten”he said

“No i just feel a bit shocked”i said

He raised my face up to his “are you okay Natasha “he said

“As okay as ever”i said giving him a fake smile before going in with him

While he stayed in the room chatting with dad

I was upstairs getting dressed

It would be a very hard task acting as natasha,i thought as i put on her gown

I undid my hair and was brushing it when the door opened and he walked in

“Why are you here?”i said

“To see you and also to give you this”he said showing me a ring

“How come its with you”i said

“I got it from your mom,she wanted to bring it to you and so i brought it for you”he said

“Thanks”i said as i took the ring from him

“So this is your room”he said

“Yes this is it”i said being weary and cautious of what i was saying

“What about your twin natalie,how is she ?”

“Natalie is fine”i said

If only he knew that the real natalie was me and that am not natasha

“I wonder when i will get to see this twin of yours “he said moving towards me

I stayed still by the window watching him coming closer

“You look very beautiful with your hair down”he said carressing my cheeks

“Oh thank you”i said trying to move away but he held me still

“Am i imagining it or are you playing!”he said

“What do you mean”

“Your not the same natasha,you look different and kind of……”

“Of what?”

“Of great,i must say i really like the new you”he said

“We have to go downstairs”i said

“Of course we would but until have had my kss,you havent given me a kss since i arrived”he said

“I….i…..i” i stopped not knowing what to say

“Your what ,scared,well dont be,its going to be just you and me”he said pulling me close

I closed my eyes,not wanting to see his face

Lying to people is one thing i hate most and doing it to the king now really makes me feel ill

“Open your eyes”he said and i opened them to find him laughing at me

“You look cute nat,have wasted enough time,its time i do the needful and seal you as mine”he said

“What are you saying?”

“We will get married before i leave,i cant wait for you to be my bride”he said

“What????”i yelled getting out of his arms

“I said we will be getting married”he said

“But that cant be and besides you never told me this”i said

“Well am doing so now,we have wasted enough time already”he said

“Well am sorry ,i just cant marry you,am sorry”i said and walk out of the room

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