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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 2

🍷(living the life of my twin sister)🍷

Written by bella writes🥰🥰🥰


“What did you just say”

“Its not a hard thing to do natalie,just pretend to be your sister for a while,at least until he leaves”he said

“But dad natasha is the one marrying the king not me”

“I know that okay but as we all know natasha has run away and you both are identical,your the only one that can act her part in all this”

“But am not Natasha dad and what makes you think that her fiancé wouldnt notice that am.not his real bride “i said

“He wouldnt know okay and he will just be here to say hi and then he would be gone,and am sure that before that time Natasha would have been found,please natalie,the future of our lives depend on you”he said

I could only stare at him,how could he be telling me to do something as bad as this

He wants me to impersonate my sister and then act like his wife

“Whats keeping your tongue tied”my mom said

“I cant do it”i said

“You see i told you right,she wont help us,our family have never mattered to her”she said

“You know definitely well that its a lie,i love this family ”

“Then why is it so hard for you to do this,our family lifes depend on this”my mom said

“But that would be lying and why do you say our family lives depend on the marriage,is something wrong”i said

“Yes something is wrong”my father said

“What happen “i said

“I knew the prince father for a very long time,we were friends in high school and we made a pact to make our kids marry each other,natasha has always been bethroed to the prince for a very long time.its a pity that the king died before he saw the two of them getting married,the last time ryan came to see natasha the company was at a loss,i had to borrow money from him and in exchange he gets natasha at all cost,ii accepted and now natasha is gone,if i dont give him natasha then he takes everything from me,you see why i say that our lives depend on this”he said

“But dad i……”

“I knew she would never understand,she wont ever help us because she is jealous,jealous of her sister being the one they chose and now that her sister has left she wont give us a helping hand”my mother said

“Thats not true mom”

“Stop it sylvia,let the child be okay,we just have to persuade her more on this,you would do it right,you would help us right”

“Dad have got someone i love too”i said

“Am not asking you to leave him,all you just have to do is to pretend to be natasha for only a day or two,he would only come to visit,as usual and then leave,just for that two days,pretend to be natasha,thats all”he said

“Okay dad,if its only for two days,i will do it and please dad find Natasha cause as soon as the two days is over i will leave,have got my own life to live”i said and carried my luggage and the rest of my things to my room

A room natasha has dominate,my things were hardly except for her stuff,stuff she left behind

My phone rang and i quickly went to pick

“Are you back home now”paul said to me

“Yes love,i am home now”i said to him

I had met paul whenbi started working and from there we hit it off

He has always been there for me,loving me,caring for me and also protecting

I wouldnt trade him for anyone,he alone understands me unlike my family who only call for me each time they need something

“Love are you still there “he said bringing me back to reality

“Yes i am”

“So tell me would you be staying there for a long time ”

“Just for two to three days andthen i would be home “i said

“Fine then i would be waiting for you,just take care of yourself okay “he said

“I sure will “i said switching off the phone

“Natalie ,natalis,Natalie”my mom said rushing into my room

“Whats wrong mom”i said

“Someone is outside,he calls himself Paul or something “she said

“What?paul here but i just fininshed talking to him”i said

“Just go and talk to him before the prince arruves”she said

I quickly went outside and saw him bg the gate

Immediately he saw me he took me in his arms and kssed me

“But you called me a while ago”i said

“I just wanted to be sure that your home”he said

“You love surprising me”i said hitting him

“Are your parents at home,should i go and say hi”he said
“No please not now “i said

At least not when there is still an issue on ground

“Maybe next time love”i said and held his hand

We were walking down the streets when suddenly two cars stopped in front of us

And a man who was very very handsome got out of the car,starring at us most especially at our linked hands

“Whats going on here”he said now starring at me

Who is he??????

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