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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 11

CHAPTER 11✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭Natalie pov💭
With the help of the guard,we got him into the back seat of the car

I got in beside him and soon the car zoomed off

I starred at him,he had been quiet ever since our litle discussion in the hospital room

Him proposing that we get married soon is a bit too early for me

I was thinking that he would want to get well a bit and try to recover before he talked about the marriage thing and besides am.not ready yet for marriage

Just by looking at him,i knew he wouldnt listen to me,he would do as he says

And that is to make me his wife,which is something i dont want not yet

Maybe i should try persuading him more

“Must we really get married,i mean your still recovering and you will need all the rest you can have”i said

“Is this your way of saying no to me”he said

“No,its not “i said

“Then dont say anymore,we will get married and thats final”he said

Feeling that have lost the battle,i kept my mouth shut and i didnt dare say a thing to him again

We got to the house where he would be staying before he goes back to his hometown

With the help of his guards again,we got him into the master bedroom

He sat on the bed while i put the covers over him

While doing it i could feel his gaze on me but i didnt dare to look at him

“I will get you something to eat,i wi…..”i said wanting to leave but he pulled me back

“Dont natalie,dont go,stay here with me”he said using his other hand to pat the bed

“But you havent eaten anything yet and you need to rest”i said not wanting to stay long here with him

“And that is what i will do but i want to do it with you here beside me”he said still holding my hand

“Just please come and sleep beside me,having you in my arms would make me have a good rest”he said

Reluctantly i got into the bed beside him and i thought that by just holding my hand he would close his eyes and sleep but instead he sets his head on my breast bone and sighed contentedly

“This is a good way to rest”he said holding me close

I stayed that way for a while,having him this close to me make me feel strange

Sleeping this way i could see his head which was full of his sexy black hair

I had an urge go touch it and run my hands all over it but i stopped myself

I shouldnt be thinking about this,i should be thinking of ways to get out of this before it gets much worse

I could escape,yes i can do the same thing natasha did

She was selfish,why cant i be selfish too and think about myself in all of this,i thought

I heard ryan breathing gently,seems like he has slept already

Now would be the perfect time to leave,now that he doesnt need me and he wouldnt be keeping his eyes on me,i thought

Gently as i could i let him lay on his bed and covered him with the bed covers

I was about leaving when i heard him call out natasha,

I turned to find him still asleep,he is even calling out her name in his dream,if only natasha knew how much she meant to the prince,she wouldnt have run off

But am not natasha and i cant stay and keep on decieving you for forever,i thought to myself and with one last look,i went out of the room

Going to the room given to me,i brought out my little bag and put some of my necessary things in it

I didnt want the guards suspecting me

As soon as i packed up ,i went downstairs

This is it,am leaving all this,from now on there wont be any feeling of guilt

They should find the real natasha and get her to marry him,i thought as i opened the door to leave

Just then two guards obstruct my way

“Whats wrong ?”

“We were given orders not to let you leave “chris said

“But why?this is not my first time coming and going,just let me pass,i have to give my dad something”i said trying to pass but they stood their ground

“You wouldnt want his highness to get angry with you,so its best that you just let me pass”i said

“We are sorry but you cant leave”he said and just then he pressed a button in his ears

“Yes,yes,i will be right there soon”he said and walked in giving the other guards order not to let me leave

I felt so annoyed,why wont his goons let me leave,i thought as i clutched on my bag

“Just let me leave”i said to the other guards but they only stared at me

Just then chris came behind me and carried me back in

“Whats this,let me go”i said as he put me on the chair

I turned to find ryan starring at me

“So you were thinking of escaping “he said as he collected my bag and checked what is inside

“Why nat?is it because of the wedding “he said

“Its because of everything okay,i just dont want to marry you”i said taking my bag from him

He pressed the buttton of his wheel chair and moved forward to me

“You have no choice natasha because i wont let you go”he said

And feeling so frustrated i got up,moving away from him

“You just dont understand,i cant marry you”i said

“That is not what you were saying to me a few weeks ago in the hospital or is it that your scared to share your life with an invalid like me”he said

“Your not an invalid and am not a baised person and most of all i had caused you to be on that wheel chair”i said sadly

“Then marry me,marry me and make up for it”he said

“I…..i…..”i couldnt finish the word because four people were led into the house

“Take them to the study “ryan said as the maid walked the four men into the study

“Those men you saw just now are the people that will marry us”he said


“Yes,i sensed your reluctance in marrying me and instead of waiting for you to dump me for good have decided to push our wedding date forward amd that day is today,we are getting married today”he said starring at me

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