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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – Episode 10

Chapter 10✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

💭natalie pov 💭
“Tell me natalie,do you have anything your hiding from me”he said again

“Your highness i…….i…..”

“Wow his highness is up already”my dad said walking into the room along with my mom

They both bowed and put down what they brought for him

He got distracted by my parents constant talk

I stood by the window starring outside,i kept on hoping that he wouldn’t ask that question again,i was about to tell him the truth when they had come in and now i have no courage to do it

“Natasha ?”he called and i went to stand by him

“You still havent told me yet,what secret are you keeping from me”he said

I starred at my parents who had suddenly gone rigid with that question,they were shocked by the question and they starred at me giving me a negative sign

Closing my eyes i starred back at him “am not keeping anything from you”i said

“Well then thats good,”he said holding my hand

“Why would you think natasha is keeping something hidden from you “my father said

“One thing i hate most is when someone lies to me,it really hurts me a lot and so if there is any lie between us,we better clear it between us”he said

“Well its a …a good thing you asked and now that you know she is not lying to you in anyway,you can put your mind at rest right”he said

“Yes i know,she doesnt have a secret which is something am glad of”he said kssing my hand

I felt so guilty,this is the chance i have to tell him the truth but i cant.

For one my parents and two the queen,her threat keeps on ringing in my head

I dont want any of my loved ones to die

“Its time we leave you two love birds alone” my dad said as he left with my mom

“And so where were we “he said pulling me to him

“I still need to go and do something your ………”i couldnt finish my word because he set his finger on my lips

“Shhhhhh…..havent i told you not to call me using his highness,just call me ryan”he said

“But your ……”

“If you call his highness again i will kss you”he said

“Okay your…..ryan”i said quickly

“You still called me his Highness”he said and before i could stop him he pulled me to him and kssed me

No matter what i would just have to get used to his ksses cause i would be his wife,at least until he is okay and then i will tell him the truth and leave him,i thought as i let him kss me

I sat on my new wheel chair starring out of the window

For some months now,i will be on this darn chair and would be undergoing a physiotherapy and then would come back to have a surgery,just thinking about everything i have to go through makes me feel so frustrated

But the good thing out of it is that natasha would be with me throughout everything

She has always stayed with me,always watching over me and keeping me company

I would admit that now i cant do a thing without her

She is the only person i want and the only person i need

As soon as i get out of the hospital,the wedding preparation will begin

I want my stamp to be all over her,to show all over her

And the sooner i marry her the sooner i stop getting calls from kate

She calls me frequently,she wont let me be,saying she loves me and all

And am.sure that when i return she wont let us be in peace

So its better that i just marry Natasha before going back home,i thought to myself

“Ryan,what are you thinking of”nat said as she walked back into the room

“Just thinking about us”i said pulling her to sit on my lap on the wheel chair

“Ryan your leg…”

“Dont worry ,i will be fine”i said starring at her beaitiful face

“What do you say about us getting……”i couldnt finish because my phone rang and it was kate

I switched it off angrily and she gave me a stare

“Its no one”i said

“I didnt ask”she said

“But you had to know right?”i said

“Not really!!!”she said smiling

Just then the phone rang again and it was still kate…..angrily i switched off the phone

“If you want to you can pick,i would leave if its private”she said wanting to get up but i pulled her back

“No nat,just stay and besides i was telling you something”i said

“Yes you were”

“Lets get married before going to my hometown “i said

I was expecting her to say yes immediately but her smile changed and she suddenly looked serious

“Isnt it so soon”she said

“No nat,its not too soon waited a long time already and so its time to marry me”i said

“Ryan i….i think its still too soon and i….”

“Dont you want to marry me”i said feeling sad

“I do,i just think its so soon”she said

“Its not soon nat,i want to marry you and i will,as soon as we get out of here am preparing the wedding invitation”i said and pressed the wheelchair button which drove me off

I wont give her a chance to change her mind,she will marry me because she belongs to me,she is only mine ,mine alone



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