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Bethroed To A Stranger – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 20]

Bethroed To A Stranger

Bethroed To A Stranger

🍷(Living the life of my twin sister)🍷

Written by Bella Writes 😊😊😊

“What did you just say?”

“Its not a hard thing to do Natalie,just pretend to be your sister for a while,at least until her fiance leaves this place” he said

“But dad,natasha is the one marrying the king not me”

“I know that okay but as we all know Natasha has ran away and you both are identical,your the only who could act her part in all this”

“But am not natasha dad and what makes you think that her fiance wouldnt know that am not his real bride”

“He wouldnt know okay and besides he will just be coming to say hi and then he will be gone and am sure that before that time Natasha would have been found,please natalie,the future of our lives depend on you”he said and i could only stare at him
Meet natalie milbourne,a daughter of a tycoon,she is kind if you are kind to her and crazy if your crazy to her

Life throws her in the arms of her twin sister fiance

It all began when natalie twin natasha got bethroed to ryan lawrence,a very rich and handsome king

Due to some circumstances natasha ran away from home

And It just so happen too that ryan was planning on meeting his bride to be

If ryan were to find out that his bride has escaped,he will call off the wedding and her dad would lose the support he needs from ryan

Having no other option,she pretended to be natasha

But ryan wasnt just back to see his bride,he was back to marry and take her home

Now the question is will natalie keep up with act???

What will happen when she finds out that he wants to get married to her???

You dont wanna miss🤭🤭🤭


🍷(living the life of my twin sister )🍷

Written by bella writes 🥰🥰🥰


“Finally your back ,what took you so long”my mom yelled as i walked in with my suitcase

“For hours have been on a plane trying to make it back home because you called and now that am back home,you welcome me this way,isnt that being unfair”i said

“Whats being unfair is what your sister just did”my dad said throwing a paper away

“What did natasha do”i said as i picked up the paper

“Just read and dont ask”he said

I opened the letter to see my sister handwritting on it

“I just cant,i cant okay,marriage is not my thing,you want me to marry a boring prince,i was quite contented to live my life the way it was but you both had to get me engaged and that is not what i want,i still have my life ahead of me and so mom,dad am leaving since you wont understand me,dont miss me too much and once that boring prince arrives,tell him his bride has left,till we meet again”

I read the letter over over and over again,i still cant believe that natasha would go as far as to run away

She have always been the impulsive one and doing this just shows how much she hated the prepared marriage for her

Ever since theyve been little,natasha has always been the outspoken twin,the one evetyone love and the one everyone wish to be and to have as a role model

And that was why they got natasha engaged to the prince

My parents never really liked me as they did with natasha,they showered her more love ,attetion and care and they never really showed me that and i never complained

Favouritism is something have grew up with in all my life

Though i got the good grades and did all i could to make my parents notice me,they never did

And when the prince proposal came for marriage,they didnt think twice before giving it to Natasha

I could still remember the day Natasha was told about the marriage

She was so angry that she went to see my dad,i could still remember what he said to natasha when she told him that i could also be the prince wife

“You definitely know that natalie doesnt have the capabilty of being a queen,she is nothing compared to you,trust me on this natasha,your the right one for the prince my child”he said and hugged her

Back then we were just clocking 18years of age

And now we both are 25 years of age and still natasha keeps on being the one they choose

Not wanting to be filled with bitterness and envy,i left home and went to live on my own,got a job for myself.

I was on my work vacation when their call came

Asking me to come back home that something urgent came up

I quickly came back home only to be told that Natasha has ran off,i wonder how that has got something to do with me

“So what are we going to do now”my dad said

“We call off the wedding and then we tell him the truth” i said

“Sometimes you talk like an idiot”my mom yelled at me

“No mom,this is not about speaking like an idi©t,its the truth”i said

“Lets just think on how we should solve this issue,i dont need you two fighting “my dad said angrily

“I have an idea though ,the prince hardly knows Natasha well enough right?”my mom said

“He only came to visit her once or twice in a year”my father replied

“And so getting a replacement for natasha will be the best thing at hand”my mom said

“So who can be that replace……”my dad stopped and immediately they both starred at me

I just hope its not what am thinking,i thought starring at them

“Natalie,yes you could be natasha,you both are identical,you could act as the prince bride for a while”he said to me

“What!!!!”i yelled starring at the two of them

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