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Bella – Season 1 Episode 9

Bella didn’t come down after she went to the room that morning after what happened, she stayed inside knights bedroom and cried all day , when she realized Knight wasn’t home she decided to go take a quick bath and maybe watch some T.V , after freshing up she wore another dress because Knight already tore the first one, she left her long Weaver hair down reaching her waist , once she opened the door grace the house help was about to knock she smiled at Bella who returned it. ” Am sorry ms for disturbing, but sir asked me to give you this ” grace said handing Bella a nylon she looked into it and it was a dress. ” What is it for? She asked . ” I don’t know ms but I was asked to give it to you ” she said and Bella nodded . ” Also ms, you should get down for lunch , sir won’t be at home early so he asked you eat your lunch ” grace said. ” Okay , please just call me Isabella or Bella okay ” she told grace . ” Am sorry but I can’t , Mr Houston gave us strict orders to call you by ur surname or ma’am or ms , if am caught Calling you your name I will loss my job ” grace said and Bella frowned. ” I will go now ms, you should come down ” she said and Bella nodded, grace turned and left . Bella went back inside and dropped the nylon on the bed, but why is Knight acting strange, something doesn’t seem okay about him, his very handsome and looks good at the outside but inside lay a cold hearted man , and why would he instruct his workers to respect her as well and call her ma’am or ms Kinston? Bella couldn’t help but wonder .

Bella later went down to eat as she was served a fried chicken lasagna, and homemade tomato sauce, the food is so delicious and she couldn’t help but moan , grace brought her juice and poured it in the glass for her, Bella wasn’t used to people serving her. ” Umm grace … please, could you leave it I’d do it myself” Bella said grace smiled . “, You don’t need to worry ms, am only doing my job ” she said and Bella nodded . But yet her mind wasn’t at rest , why would Knight tell his workers to treat her with respect? ” Umm, ain’t you hungry you should seat and eat with me ” Bella said grace smiled again. ” As much as I would love to ma’am I can’t , Mr Houston will get mad at me “, she said, Bella couldn’t help but feel so angry at Knight, why is the man so annoying? And heartless treating people like slaves , Bella didn’t like it and once his back she will confront him. ” Ms, Mr Houston had asked me to show you to the library if you want to have a private time ” grace said to Bella who smiled . ” That will be very nice , I love reading” Bella said got up to pick the plates but grace hurried to do it , Bella felt bad . ” I wanted to do it” Bella said . “Please ms if you really care and pity me, just let me do this myself”, grace said and Bella nodded, she watched as grace left to the kitchen and later return. ” Please ms this way” she said and Bella followed her, they reached a door and grace opened it , they both walked in. ” Wow!! This library is so beautiful” she said going to touch the books . Grace smiled . ” Anyone you love you could pick , Mr Houston won’t mind , but am really surprised he asked us to bring you here to have privacy, he doesn’t let anyone in here ” grace said and Bella frowned going back to her . “, But why, don’t you love to read ? Bella asked. ” I do, but we know our limits” grace said . ” Umm, when we were coming here there was a door locked at the side can I take a look ? Bella asked and grace eyes widen. “, No, no, no, no ms, Mr Houston doesn’t let any single soul in that room ,infact he didn’t ask me to take you there , and besides it’s locked “, grace said making Bella scared, what could Knight be hiding from the world , does the room got Anything to do with his cold heart ? She thought. “, Can I ask a question? Bella asked. ,” Yes ms” grace replied. ” Does Knight has family? She asked and grace grew quite. ” Grace please tell me ” Bella begged. ” Am sorry ms, but you shouldn’t ask me that , Mr Houston is In the best position to answer that ” grace said . ” But …..okay, never mind am sorry for asking”, Bella apologize. Grace didn’t say anything. Bella read for so many hours and night was already drawing nearer and nearer, Knight hasn’t returned yet, so she went to the bedroom got into her teddy bear night gown and lay on the bed.

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