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Bella – Season 1 Episode 8

After dressing up wearing a light black gown there was a knock on the door and Bella said come in when a lady walked in. ” Mr Knight asked you come down ” she said to Bella who nodded and the lady left . She got dress and went down stairs seeing so many food on the dinning table , she wonders if there was a fest. Sitting across from him she tried her possible best to avoid his eyes just as it penetrates hers . ” Well let’s eat” Knight said as Bella completely ignored him and took her cutleries and started digging into her meal, oh it taste so nice, it’s been long since she ever taste such delicious meal , Knight watched her with amazement forgetting he has to eat his meal too, her beauty was intoxicating him, never had he really admire a woman such as Bella .

Bella felt his gaze on her and shift uncomfortable on her chair raising her sparkle eyes looked up at Knight who’s eyes were digging hole into her chest . ” Eyes up here Mr, don’t you think your over staring? Bella asked feeling disgusted by the look of lust in his eyes it was clear that he was licking his lower lips looking at her breast , beast . ” Why, you don’t feel comfortable or no man has looked at you like that before? He questioned Making his voice like an object of insult Bella looked at him . ” No,men do look infact they drool alot Mr Houston, but don’t you think yours is a little disgusting? Bella remarked and Knight eyebrow raised in an amusing one he smirked. ” I like it that your feisty, but then last-night i discovered you’ve never been touched, how about you share a little story with me ? He smirked. Bella knew he was trying to get into her private life, and that she doesn’t want . ” If you don’t mind Mr Houston, I’d like it if you don’t poke your nose in business” she said . Knight was getting irritated by her way of talking. ” Rule number 7, stop being rude ” he reminded her and Bella kept quiet wishing she could rip his neck off . ” How come you never had a man in your life Ms kinston ? Knight asked and Bella couldn’t help but loss her appetite since he was trying to get into her private life . ” You don’t expect me to discuss my private life with you Mr Houston, I suggest you drop it ” she said angrily. Knight studied her for a while his hand on his jaw as he stare at her , but he wasn’t going to drop it . ” How can a 24 year old beautiful lady like you still be a virgin?sorry but am kinda of scared, is it that you chased men away or you have some personal problems that chased them away from coming unto you ? He asked . Bella was already pissed of she got up from the chair and shouted at him. “How the hell do you know my age, cause I remember I didn’t tell you ?she yelled surprised. ” Don’t you think I have my way ? He asked She was very angry now. ” You keep your self out of my business Mr Houston, and if your trying to say I have a problem then your wrong cause your the one who has the problem paying a woman to have sex with you for 10 days is disgusting, what selfish Bastard are you that you don’t even feel for someone , or care about their own feelings,all you think about is your money and your stupid fame , your so rude and disgusting and I wished I never came across you In the first place, you self centered beast” Bella yelled and try to walk away but not so fast Knight grabbed her . And it all happened at once he send all the food on the dinning table crashing and breaking to the floor and placed her on it ,stood between her legs and tore her cloth Bella gasped , Knight was so angry for the way she spoke to him. ” This is your punishment for having a sharp tongue” he whispered huskily in her ear making her shiver, his hand went under her gown and tore her pant he grabbed her face and crushed his lips with hers all Bella’s plea went to deaf ear as Knight was consumed with what he wanted. He unbuckled his trouser and at once entered her Bella gasped as he began moving in and out of her, his lips kissing her neck biting it lightly Making her moan , the feeling was good and she doesn’t know why she liked it .

Knight began to t—-t harder, deeper harder and faster than before, Bella grip the table tightly as Knights t—-t became so much faster the whole table was shaking and their moans was so loud that she’s sure the house girl must I’ve Heard it or people from outside. When Knight finally stopped he kissed her long and hard on the lips before pulling his s—t from inside her , he started putting back his trouser as sweat covered all his body Bella felt disgusted with her self as she tries to get down from the table but her legs grew weak. ” That was really amazing” Knight said pulling her to kiss her again but Bella pushed him and ran up the stairs to the room, Knight suddenly felt like he might have hurt her . He went to the wine bar and took a bottle of whiskey he needs to cool down his brain , she’s only doing her job his going to pay her, no need to feel bad . ______________

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