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Bella – Season 1 Episode 5

“NOO” she shouted. Knights eyes turned red as he stare at her . ” I don’t want to do this anymore, your Making me feel like a w—e I quit ” she yelled . Knight smirked. ” Then go, and face your miserable life by the time I blacklist your name, let’s see who will help you, or by the time I make you homeless, and not only that , I will make sure your brother is kicked out of school, your grandmother’s treatment non available, then I will lock you up In Jail for ruining my car and slapping me, so go ahead that’s the door” he said with an evil glint . Bella knew he could do it, and once again she felt helpless,shes only doing this for her brother and grandmother, that’s why she’s doing this . ” I hate you ” she whispered in tears . ” Good to know,now strip ” he commanded. Bella knew it was stupid to not do what he wanted ,so with shaking hands and trembling lips she began to take off her shirt slowly while Knight watched her, she pulled it over her head and stood in only her skirt with bra, she was praying in her mind that Knight Should tell her to stop, but who was she kidding? He gave her a lustful look and licked his bottom lip, Bella felt like slaping him so hard on the cheek . She reluctantly began to pull her skirt down , d–n if this skirt goes off, she will be naked, she tightly closed her eyes, and pulled it away , when Knight saw this he took In a deep breath as he felt himself becoming hard,his eyes on her every move till Bella reached for her bra and unhooked it letting it fall., Okay now she’s completely naked and Knight stare at her glorious body . Bella is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen or look at the way he was now,h er curves were so Beautiful and shaped beautifully, Knight couldn’t get enough of just mere looking at her and his s—t was already hard as a rock, his body got turned on just staring at her, she had some power over him he couldn’t explain and since his never been this Edgar to have a woman as much as he wanted Bella this moment. he stare from her head to toe and saw how her chest was beating rapidly, he knew he shouldn’t do this, but he needed her and he can’t stop his sexual desires.

“Go down on your knees ” he ordered, Bella didn’t say anything but did as he instructed, of course she’s his sex slave so she will abide by the rule she had signed. “Crawl to me” he ordered, Bella let the tears flow down her eyes as she slowly began crawling to him, she felt like she was going to faint, as she was crawling to him, knight pulled his jacket and losses his tie unbuttoning his shirt but didn’t take it off, once Bella reached him, he pulled her up to seat on his lab and his hand went to her breast giving it a light squeeze, Bella arched her back, as Knight played with her breast , he pulled her face down and kissed her lips , Making sure to taste every Conner of her juicy lips, Bella began Moaning, this was a new feeling for her. Never had a man touched her this way, she had always wanted the man she loves to do this to her, but here she is in a strangers lab and doing this wild things with him, after kissing her for so long, he got up with her in his arms and took her to his bedroom where he lay her gently on the bed, pulling all his clothes, Bella just lay there crying silently, just over night and she has turned into a w—e . Once he was naked , Bella’s eyes popped open at his size, he was so huge and she got scared, how will he fit into her she wonders, Knight saw her expression. “Are you scared? He asked . “Very scared” she whispered. Knight pulled her up and gave her a long kiss. “You don’t need to be scared, cause I won’t hurt you,i promise ” he said laying her back down. He started kissing every inch of her body and Bella started Moaning, her body was so responsive and Knight liked it he took her pinky sexy n—-e to his mouth and s–k on it while squeezing the other , she moaned and bit her lower lip , Knight was pleasuring her and she liked it, he started s—–g on the other and went to her lips kissing her again, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth so he could taste her ,he went to her ear and licked Bella moaned, this feeling was so good, but thinking it’s a harlot job made her felt disgusted, he kissed down to her belly and in between her legs, bella didn’t know what happened next but she screamed when she felt him licking her core, The feeling was so new ,she liked how he was touching her,and she couldn’t want nothing else but more,she found herself giving him access to do want he wanted, she wasn’t supposed to love this, she was supposed to hate him for this, but somewhere in her heart she couldn’t help the feeling building up in her chest about Knight, and she started squiring under him, Knight held her in place and licked her his tongue going in and out , Bella looked like a wild cat under him as so many moans left her mouth, Knight put his finger into her and went to kiss her deep on the lips , she responded immediately kissing him back , and he smiled at least she was making it easy for him. He pulled his finger from her . “Are you on pills” he asked , she couldn’t talk but nod.

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