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Bella – Season 1 Episode 4

“Am sorry , I was just checking up on you , I’d like you to relax boss will soon be back ” he said . “Where has he been since I came ? Bella asked . “Business meeting at his company, but he will be back soon, so enjoy while it last ” he said Bella didn’t understand why he said that her heart beat increased does that mean josh knows everything and her main reason for staying here , she wanted to ask but he already left . Josh took her round the building later telling her it was his boss instructions, she got to see how beautiful the building was from the inside to the outside, she even got to see the pool, which she already want to jump inside , but she didn’t bring her bathing suit . Later she sat down in the living, she wonders why Knight hasn’t returned, but her thought got Indy when the door opened and he walked in , she looked up at him and quickly got up, d–n she couldn’t stop staring at his perfectly male body , and she knew inside that shirt of his is a man with great abs and six pack. Knight couldn’t help but stare at her as she stood looking so beautiful in his eyes, he took gently steps towards her, he would had been back since but his business was indeed important so he had to finish up . Bella’s heart was Beating so fast as Knight drew closer to her, once he was in her front , he leaned over to her ear and whispered. “Why aint you naked ?

Bella felt disgusted, she gasped and pushed him from her as her eyes blaze at him with fury. “You disgust me” she said . Knight smirked and sat on the couch watching Bella giving him that death look , their was something different about her he just couldn’t place his fingers on, but he knew Bella belongs to him for 10days so let it begin. “Take of your pant ” he ordered. Bella couldn’t believe he would ask her to do it again. “Why are you so evil ? She asked , Knight raised an eyebrow at her . “Do what I asked you to do , take it off” he ordered with a hard voce , with shaking hands and disgrace mode she slipped her pant down , looking at him all through as his eyes followed her every move. “Hand it over” he said , Bella knew it was stupid mending words with him so she threw it at him, not wanting to go close to him , Knight caught it in his hand and smirked. “Pink , I love it” he said , he smelled it, and Bella’s cheek became so red. “Now strip ” he said . Bella was taking aback , did he just tell her to strip ?. “What ? She asked . ” Rule number 6 , no complaining, strip now” be ordered. Bella’s eyes was wide open as she and Knight stare at each other .

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