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Bella – Season 1 Episode 14

When Bella woke up , she didn’t find knight In bed with her, she was still naked under the shit so she wrapped herself with the shit and went into the Bathroom to freshing up, once she was done, she put on a blue short and a white armless top, as usual wore her slippers. She gently walked down the stairs as she heard some sounds from the kitchen, probably that should be grace so she went into the kitchen and there grace was making breakfast. Bella smiled .

” Morinng grace ” she said and grace turned to see her smiling too. ” Ms , morinng” she said . ” Please you can call me bella ” Bella said sitting on a stool beside her, grace wasn’t feeling cool about it Because if Knight sees Bella with her she might loss her job. ” Umm…ms , you know I… ” I know, you don’t have to be scared, I already spoke to him, he gave me the permission to be friends with you , and that includes you calling me directly by my name” Bella said with a smile . Grace smiled . “Alright ms…umm..sorry , Bella ” she said and Bella Chuckled. ” So tell me, what are you making? Bella asked trying to look into the pot. ” Am making some bacons and muffins” she replied and Bella nodded . ” Do you know where Knight is, today is Saturday i don’t think he went to work , or doesn’t he rest ? Bella asked. “, Umm, his home but his in his office at the third door to the library”, grace replied and Bella nodded, just then there was a knock on the door . Grace was going to get it. “, No don’t worry, you just carry on I will check myself” Bella said and grace Nodded. Bella went to the door and opened it she came face to face with a very beautiful woman, once the woman saw Bella she smiled. ” You must be Bella ? She asked , Bella wondered how the woman knew her she only nodded. ” Oh my guess is right darling, am Floren Houston, knights mother ” she introduced and Bella’s eyes widen .

” Am so sorry ma’am I didn’t know, please come in” Bella moved and floren entered. ” Oh come give me a hug sweetheart, my boys told me about you” she said and Bella got Confused, as floren hugged her so tight ” Oh , what I mean to say is my son’s, Aaron , luck and Dustin ” she said and Bella remembered and smiled . “, My dear your so beautiful than does boys described, common lets have a seat ” floren pulled Bella to the couch and they sat together, Bella was so confused, the woman was acting so friendly towards her which is surprising. ” Please what’s the surname? She asked . “, Kinston ” Bella replied. ” Wow, my son sure has a good eyes , you look so beautiful and I know you will Tre……. ” Mother” The two ladies looked up to see Knight standing there , once floren saw him she quickly got up and pulled him in a hug . ” Oh my dear son, how are you ? She asked . ” Fine mother, I didn’t know you were coming” Knight said with a smile. ” Oh son, I couldn’t wait more to see the beautiful angel you have with you once the boys told me ” she said happily going to hold Bella’s hand . Knight knew that his mother was very friendly but not like this, how can she be so attached to Bella just the first time of seeing her, she had always hated other girls his with so why Bella ? ” My dear , you look beautiful, I can’t wait for my husband to see you, so beautiful”, floren said and Bella smiled she already liked the woman . Knight was happy that at least his mother didn’t dislike Bella but instead acting strange towards her .

They later sat eating breakfast, and floren couldn’t stop talking to Bella . ” So dear tell me about you ” floren said smiling at Bella as she ate from her muffins. Bella wasn’t prepared to talk about herself but finding it that she’s being nice to her why not talk? ” Let’s start from the age precisely dear , yeah that will be good” floren caught in taking a mouth full of muffins and bacon . Knight stare at Bella and their eyes met , Bella looked away . “, Umm, am 24″ she said . Floren smiled happily. ” Wow, you look so younger than your age , I thought you were around 20 ” she said and Bella smiled Knight smirked he thought as much, Bella looks small . ” So any families? She asked . Bella sniffed, and swallowed, Knight and his mother watched her intensively. ” Umm, well I, well my mom and dad is no more ” she said and floren’s face turned sad . ” Oh my dear, but what happened to them ? She asked . Bella try not to cry .

” Umm…they were involved in a fire accident” she said and floren gasped, Knight sat still couldn’t believe Bella’s parents are dead . ” Oh my goodness this is horrible dear ” floren said as she reached Bella’s hand on the table and placed her hand on hers comforting her , Bella felt tears but blinked it back and forced a smile . ” So who do you have now ? She asked . ” I have a younger brother and we both stay with my grandmother” Bella replied and Knight felt so horrible for forcing her into this , only if he knew her grandmother was her only means of hope maybe just maybe he wouldn’t had treat her that way , but the good thing is , her grandmother’s life is no more in danger and, her brother’s fee is already settled. ” Oh , it must be so hard for you to coupe with all of this , sorry dear ” she said and Bella nodded.

” I believe my son will take good care of you ” floren smiled and looked at Knight who’s eyes is on Bella , floren smiled , she knew her son so well, but she knows why she’s saying all of this , the truth is she really likes Bella and she will try to make sure Knight ends up with only Bella and not any s–t like Rose e.g. ” Son , you know Alli’s birthday is just tomorrow, please make sure to bring my sweetheart here ” floren said referring to knights younger sister Alli who is clocking 20 . ” Of course mother “, Knight replied. ” My dear , if you meet my husband, you will enjoy him more , I can’t wait to introduce you to him ” floren said happily and Knight shook his head, why does his mother like Bella so much , Bella nodded . ” Mother will you be going soon ? Knight asked as they finished breakfast. ” Oh son, I want to have a word with Bella first then I’d go” she replied. ” Okay mother , am in my study room ” Knight said and left . Bella and floren grew more closer, talking about random things. ” So is my son treating you well ? Floren asked and Bella smiled and nodded .

“, You know, Knights childhood is so rough, please don’t look at him as a bad person, his far from it, whatever he is today there’s a big reason behind it, I would have shared it with you but I prefer he does that himself, all I just want you to do is help him out, try all you can to make him open up to you , I don’t know but I already see you as my daughter the moment I laid my eyes on you” floren said and took Bella’s hand in hers. Bella was so quiet listening to floren as she continued talking. ” I still believe that somewhere in his heart he can still be a better man , all he needs is someone to lay on the shoulder, if you can get him to pull out of his misery i will be so greatful to you , please Bella , treat my son right ” she said . ” Promise me that you will try ” floren said . Bella Thought carefully, she has only 5, more days left , could she be able to do it?yes she could , she will have to , she has to . So she nodded and floren smiled happily and hugged her . ” Am so glad you will Bella , your the right lady for my son , thank you so much sweetheart” floren said and kissed her both cheek Bella smiled as they hugged again.

Soon floren left and Bella’s mind went to her promise, will she be able to do it ? She has to think of something, yes because she doesn’t want Knight to suffer anymore and she Knows just what to do .

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