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Bella – Season 1 Episode 12

Knight couldn’t help but stare at the angel Infront of him , her smile is as sexy as f–k d–n his suddenly getting hard . “Okay ” Bella replied. ” The dress grace gave you yesterday, wear it for tomorrow” he said and she nodded . Gosh Knight was getting hard d–n, how can her smile alone make him hard, d–n he wants her . Bella didn’t understand why Knights eyes was turning darker as he stare at her, she felt maybe she did something wrong,but then fear grip her, did she do something wrong? ” Ella come here ” Knight said in a low tone, Bella reluctantly got up and walked closer to him , Knight gently pulled her closer in between his legs and use his hand to run down her body up and down , Bella try not to moan he pulled her on his lab and looked deep into her eyes , Bella knew he wanted sex, he pulled her head down and captured her lips with his kissing her deeply as his hand moved under her skirt , she moaned and wrapped her hand around his neck kissing him back. Knight was torn between his feelings, he just got up with her in his arms still kissing her , took gentle steps on the Stairs till he reached his bedroom, Bella helped open the door since he was carrying her , once they got in he closed the door with his foot and placed Bella on the bed gently, she lay looking at him as he started taking off his clothes. Bella began to wonder if Knight is having sex with another woman despite his having sex with her at home, the fact that he would be sexing another woman also got her mad and when Knight started kissing her neck she sniffed and that moment he knew she was thinking about something, so he looked at her .

” What’s wrong Ella ? He asked . Bella looked at him for a while contemplating if or not she should tell him . “, Umm…I ..well…I just wanted to know if….for this 10 days you will sex another woman too? She asked . Knight stare at her quietly, The truth is,he tried sleeping with one of his sluts at the hotel yesterday, but then he couldn’t , suddenly he only wanted Bella and no one eals, d–n how can she get a strong hold on him with the 3 days she has spent ? He wasn’t like that before but now, his thinking of Bella even at the point of having sex with another woman. Bella decided to take it as a yes since he didn’t answer and she felt bad that his sexing another woman, infact does it matter , she shouldn’t care , after all shes being paid 7 more days and she get away . ” During this 10 days it’s going to be only you , after your gone , then I can ” he replied and Bella felt bad all of a sudden, after she’s gone Knight will be sleeping with another woman. He started kissing her again, and she moaned, knight pulled off her clothes, after pleasuring her he position himself between her legs and thrusted in making Bella gasped a bit , then he started moving in and out of her , as he does this he kissed her lips and Bella responded immediately, Knights t—-t began intense and Bella’s moans became so loud, finally they both came, after what seems like hours but frankly just some minutes, Knight kissed her Long and hard on the lips , which she responded, he got off her and lay on his back trying to hold his breath, then he got up .

Bella wondered where he was going, he went into the bathroom and came back getting dressed. ” I have to go to work , I need to run a meeting with board members at the company” he said and Bella Nodded. After getting dress he went towards her and kissed her lips which she responded quickly too, he pulled back smirking, Knight kind of looked at Bella suspiciously, she wasn’t complaining about the sex anymore, and with the way she easily respond to his kisses, was confusing him, he knew she was up to something, and he wasn’t a fool , he left the room with the thought of , Bella was UpTo something, and right that moment his conscience told him she’s finding a way to get into his DARK HEART. Bella smiled got up and went into the bathroom to freshing up. She will do all she can to make Knight open up to her, that’s her promise, before this 10 days is over, she must do all she can to make up open up. But she frowned, just 7 days left , she hope she could before it’s over .

Hmm, is there a chance Knight and Bella are becoming attached to each other ?

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