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Bella – Season 1 Episode 10

Not quite long Knight returned and opened the bedroom door as he saw Bella sleeping on the bed, he losses his tie and took off his suit jacket , pulled his shoe and went into the bathroom after showering, he came back to the bedroom wearing short but shirtless, he stare at Bella who was sleeping soundly on the bed , he went closer to her and touched her gently on her hair . Bella felt someone touching her, so she gently opened her eyes and she came face to face looking at knights eyes , she quickly sprang up and moved far away from him. Knight didn’t understand why she did that , but he saw the fear in her eyes . ” Ella what’s wrong, why did you move away like that ? He asked trying not to be upset , Bella took in a deep breath. ” Am sorry , I didn’t know it was you ” she lied Knight raised an eyebrow, he knew she was lying. ” Get back to bed “, he said and got up to go out but Bella stopped him. ” Knight what happened to you ?, Why do you get angry easily? Bella asked before she could stop herself, Knight turned to look at her . ” What do you mean by that ? He asked.

” Am not blind, I see how you behave and it’s not normal, today I asked grace if I could check the green door room , but …. ” You did what ?? Knight yelled his eyes turned red, Bella got scared and moved back . ”…mm..umm….but I didn’t she explained” Bella quickly said as Knights eyes became so red , she knew he was trying his best to hold his anger . But why was he so angry . ” You can go to any other place In this mansion, but don’t you ever go close to that room do you get it ? He yelled, and she quickly nodded out of fear . Knights eyes soften, he didn’t mean to scare her . ” Am sorry , I didn’t mean to scare you is just that I don’t like anyone around there ” he said . For the first time since Bella had set her eyes on knight, she saw sadness in his eyes , right this moment she couldn’t hate him anymore, it seems something is wrong somewhere, all she felt for him now is trying to know why his so cold hearted. Knight moved ontop of the bed , Bella didn’t move back , he pulled her to him and her heart beat widely against her chest , Knight only kissed her and pulled her on the bed and got onto of her . But this time around she wasn’t angry at him that he wants sex , all that was in her mind was ,. Who made Knight this cold hearted?


How do you see this chapter? Now you can reason with Bella, what do you think Knight might be hiding that made him so cold and heartless?

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