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Being A Newbie – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4:

She held out her hand and he gently shook it, attempting a smile back at her. Lord, he had to look like a complete fool. But who could blame him: look at the way her tan line promised a sexy thong bathing suit to cover her deepest secrets, yet the article itself was entirely absent leaving those secrets fully exposed to his gaze. It was like a hypnotist had dangled a watch in front of him for a few minutes and told him he felt very sleepy, very sleepy, and when he woke up, he would feel like a dumpling with the decorum of a fifth century Barbarian.

“Uh…Tom,” he finally managed, sounding like a strangled tracheotomy patient, “my name’s Tom.”

“It is very nice to meet you, Tom. This is your first time at the Sunshine Camp, non?”

“Uh…uh…yeah,” he said, trying to reflect her sweet smile, but feeling the cold hand of terror closing around his heart. “You can tell, huh?”

Her eyes squinted in amusement, “it is…how do you say?…written all over you, non?” she chuckled, and Tom felt that most tragic of sensations, a blush sweep over his face. “How long are you staying?” she asked, apparently ignoring his reddened complexion. Damn it, she wasn’t even going to sit down, or even put her towel in front of her crotch or anything. She was just standing there, holding her limitless beauty in front of him like a mythical siren drawing unfortunate sailors onto deadly rocks.

“Four weeks,” he replied, wondering if she thought him stupid already since his vocabulary didn’t appear to stretch beyond one syllable.

“Fantastic,” she almost squealed with delight. “It’s going to be so much fun!”

He found her so devilishly attractive, but he had never ever had to cope with a crush in the nude before. Candice might be looking forward to the next four weeks, but if he had to feel this way all the time, it was going to be very difficult for him.

“Would you like to come down to the lake with me, Tom?” the divine girl asked him. Lord, oh Lord her eyes were so incredible: that phenomenally elliptical shape that could warm the coldest heart, the glacial blue colour that made you thirsty just with a glance. “We can go and swim and then maybe I can show you around a bit.”

“Uh…” he really couldn’t move. It wasn’t just that he was mentally too embarrassed to get up, physically he had turned into gravy. His limbs just didn’t respond to neural signals. “Uh…I would but…”

“Oh Tom…no ‘buts’, uh?” she tilted her hips in disapproval, which did nothing but expose more of her private region to his helpless gaze and certainly did not help with his immobility problem.

“I have a few things to do…” he stammered. “We only got here last night…I still have to unpack…uh… you know?”

It was weak. He knew it sounded weak, but it was all his short-circuited brain could come up with at such short notice.

“Such a shame,” she said, taking a step back. Had he upset her? She smiled, apparently not. “Well you won’t be saying ‘no’ to me next time, uh? I won’t accept it, Tom.” She gave a sexy, naughty wink, as though she thought he was just playing hard to get and providing her with more of a challenge. “I’ll see you very soon,” she waved, and then turned to walk down the lane towards the centre of the colony and the lake. As she walked, she moved her towel so that it was around her neck, as though purposefully exposing her sweet behind for his gaze. Was she interested in him?

It was only when she had gone he realised that from where she had been standing, she could not failed to have had full view of his rock-hard erection. When he had put down the magazine, it had opened him completely to her sight. She had been standing there in the full knowledge of how he felt about her.

He felt a post-traumatic blush cover his face, but then a thought occurred to him. Her nipples had been particularly hard, really protruding from those soft little breasts – and was it his imagination, or did her labia glisten slightly in the sunshine when she parted those wonderful legs of hers?

It was the most bizarre thing having a huge crush on someone who was naked whenever he saw her. Most bizarre.

With Candice gone, Tom felt it was the perfect time to make a move. He picked up a beach towel – who would know that he wasn’t actually going swimming? – that could serve to hide his genitalia. The surprise at finding out that the young French girl had obviously seen his erection had actually made him soft again, but he couldn’t be guaranteed that non-erect status on his way down to the centre of the Sunshine Colony.

He put on a pair of beach sandals and took a deep breath before starting out away from the security of the tent. He made it as subtle as possible holding his towel in front of his crotch, but he did wonder if anyone noticed his embarrassment on the way down there.

The closer he got to the public bathrooms, the more and more people there were around. A lot of the people just didn’t even look his way as he walked, the people sitting outside their own tents getting on with their own nude lifestyle, but he attract some glances. The majority of the people there were at least into their middle age, and as with his parents, their naked forms weren’t going to be a threat to Tom’s visual integrity, but there were a number of teenagers and twenty-somethings around to cause him a problem.

Keeping the towel there in front, he kept his eyes on the lane as he progressed, doing his utmost to keep his gaze away from the naked young women en route. But he was almost certain that people were checking him out as he went by, and not just the younger women, either. People weren’t supposed to check each other out in nudist camps, were they? Weren’t they all supposed to be tree-hugging hippy types who simply weren’t interested in the fact that everybody was nude?

Apparently not. At least three times on the way to the bathroom he eventually reached, he saw girls smiling at him in a plainly flirtatious manner. At last, he entered the public bathroom block and was shielded. Locked in his own toilet booth, he sighed a huge sigh. How was he going to cope with four weeks of this?

He made it back to the tent in one piece, hoping witnesses would assume his blushing was merely sunburn. But he did well not to look at any of the people along the way, so didn’t even see how they were reacting to him this time.

He had a couple of hours peace back at the tent, taking advantage of the relative lack of people around to soak up some rays and hope that his pasty white skin browned a bit so that he wouldn’t look quite so ridiculous in the nude. Lying on his front was fine: he could handle that as people walked by, but he found it difficult to lie on his back and display everything for all to see. That made him feel very self-conscious indeed.

As lunchtime came around, and steadily more and more people drifted back along the lane towards their tents, Tom decided it was probably best to head inside. He went into his little room, lay on his bed and found a novel. Since he hadn’t packed any of his clothes, one thing he’d had room for was a number of books. It looked like he was going to be doing a lot of reading this particular vacation.

His parents came back for a light meal, and seemed to be as happy as they had ever been. They were all smiles and bubbly conversation about how nice it was down by the lake, around the swimming pool and so on. They had met another English couple who were going to take them on at tennis that afternoon. Tom grimaced. The thought of his parents bouncing around a tennis court in the nude was not the most aesthetically pleasing picture. Still, they were happy. All Tom had to do was stick it out, read his books, survive. It was a little bit like a prison, though, so far, albeit a sunny prison.

During lunch, Tom saw that Candice’s parents were having their own lunch opposite them. They were late risers, then – they hadn’t come out of their tent yet that day. The two of them seemed far more natural to this than his own parents: their skin’s were tanned to golden and they weren’t at all out of trim. Her mother was really quite attractive, in fact, although way out of Tom’s particular age range.

After allowing the food to settle a little, Tom’s parents headed for the tennis courts, and when he saw that Candice’s parents had taken towels and headed for either the lake of the swimming pool, Tom decided to risk a bit more sun bathing. He rubbed sun cream onto his skin, spread his towel out on the grass and lay on his back in a desperate attempt to relax. He closed his eyes, breathed deeply and tried to imagine that he was on his own and that no one whatsoever would be able to see him.

And after the late night when they had arrived at the camp, Tom actually drifted off to sleep.


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