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Beautiful Mistake – Season 4 Episode 8

Episode 8

“Sahara calm down, you’ve lost so much blood already!”

“What have they done to my baby? Where’s my baby?”

Then the door flung open and Khalifa rushed in with the doctor. He ran to my side and tried to hold my head to his chest, but I broke free.

“She can’t be doing this, she’ll bleed to death.” The doctor said to Khalifa.

“Where’s my baby?” I yelled at the woman.

“Sahara, calm down!”

“I want to see my baby. I….I..didn’t..hear him cry.” I said and broke down into tears.

“Sah, our baby is fine.” Khalifa said, but I didn’t believe him. I didn’t stop crying.

The doctor sighed with frustration and when she had taken enough, she spoke.

“Sahara, look at me!” The doctor growled. I raised my head up only a little.

“Your baby is alive, but he’s sick. He’s very sick. We didn’t want to tell you that now because we didn’t want to alarm you. But it’s not only your baby that is sick, you are too!”

I looked up at her and hugged Khalifa’s arm to my chest tightly.

“What’s wrong with us?” I asked quietly.

“You didn’t have much blood in you when you got pregnant, and you didn’t take supplements during the pregnancy. Your baby didn’t get enough blood to develop well and that’s caused a number of complications for him, and for you as well.

We’re transferring both of you to a better hospital. He needs a couple of surgeries and most importantly, you both need blood.”

“What have I done to him!” I sobbed.

“You have to stop crying Sahara, it’s only going to make you worse. We can’t afford you fainting again and if you don’t stop crying, we’ll have to sedate you.”

“But we need blood. My baby won’t survive the night without it.” I cried. I was a medical student, so I knew that.

“Yes Sahara,” the doctor smiled for the first time she’d gotten into the room. “And thank heavens your friend got Khalifa here in time. He’s a match for both you and the baby!”

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