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Beautiful Mistake – Season 4 Episode 7

Episode 7

He raced across the room to where I laid. Like he owned the fucking O.R, he lifted my back up a little and planted himself just behind me on the bed, so my head was on his chest and my body was slouched across his stomach and between his legs. He stray strands of my hair behind my ear and wiped my face with a handkerchief that smelled strongly of him.

My eyes was open just enough to see the surgeon smile and I blacked out.

I thought I had been out for hours but when I was woken up, I heard that it was only two minutes.

“Sahara, you can’t go out on me now. I need you to keep pushing.” My doctor said.

“But I already did.”

“Trust me, you’re almost there.” She said.

“No. No, I can’t do this anymore!” I cried.

“You can do this Sahara. I know you can. If you have to bite me to do it, please do. I will be here all along, I’m never going to leave you ever again. So just relax on me, take a deep breath and do it.” Khalifa said.

“Okay.” I nodded.

“Now!” My doctor said.

I don’t know where the strength came from, but soon I was pushing again and again with Khalifa’s hands clutching mine tightly and my fingers digging deep into his palm and he rewarded me with kisses every now and then.

Though I couldn’t hear a thing through the pain, Khalifa kept urging me on and my doctors were smiling but with heads buried in concentration.

I pushed for the last time and fainted again and this time, no one woke me.

I woke up hours later but in a different room. Hana was sitting on a chair beside my bed and when she saw my eyes flutter open, she jumped up.

“Sahara, you’re awake!” She said and smiled sadly. I opened my mouth to say something but my throat was dry and it hurt from all the screaming. A tear dropped from Hana’s eyes and she kissed me.

“Where’s my baby?” I asked.

“Stay calm Sahara, let me tell the doctor you’re awake.” Something didn’t seem right, Hana was avoiding my eyes. Hana never avoided my eyes. No, no please, no!

“Where’s my baby!” I screamed.

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