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Beautiful Mistake – Season 4 Episode 3

Episode 3

I groaned and cried on my bed for almost an hour, while people in scrubs and lab coats debated between themselves, trying to decide if they should make me have the baby naturally or have a caesarian section.

I blacked out a couple of times and was revived again and again. When the cries became unbearable, Hana ran off from the room crying. Coward! I’m the one in pain here, remember?

The doctors soon finished their cruel debate and wheeled me to the O.R. I fainted again but was soon woken up a painful contraction. The doctors seemed to have decided to let me have the baby naturally. Just then, I felt something cold stream out of me. It was my water, it had just broken. It continued to flow out and even though it brought me a little comfort, it didn’t lessen the pain at all.

I screamed, yelled and whimpered all through the tears. I was going to die, I knew it. The concerned expression on the doctors’ face told me that. The water was still flowing our after minutes. I was starting to waver at the edge of unconsciousness again when a doctor mumbled.

“We have to do something fast, she’s losing too much blood.”

Oh! So all that water wasn’t just water?

“The gynecologist should be here anytime now.” Another one replied.

My God! What’s wrong with me? I need a gynecologist! They should have one, but I was at a one star hospital, probably in the hands of quacks. The contractions were now thirty seconds apart now and I was still bleeding out In front of quacks who didn’t know what to do.

I thought of the day I met khalifa. The day we had the sex. The day I discovered I was pregnant and how life had been after then. I wondered if I would ever see him or Hana again. I love you Khalifa, I never stopped loving you.

I stopped screaming and closed my eyes. Though the pain didn’t stop and the tears couldn’t, I braced myself, ready do my death. I tried to smile through the tears and pain and suddenly, the theatre door burst open and a middle aged woman in navy scrubs and an immaculate white coat stormed in.

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