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Beautiful Mistake – Season 4 Episode 2

Episode 2

Hana rushed me to the nearest hospital when the pains became unbearable.

Actually, premature labour can be very frightening and painful and for a person with complications like me, it was triple painful.

What kind of anaemic idiot gets pregnant and but refuses to take folic acid. It wasn’t intentional, I didn’t know. I should have signed up for some antenatal check up at some hospital, but I didn’t. That too wasn’t intentional.

I had spent most of my time reading for one test or the other due to my transfer. If I wasn’t reading, I’d be in class receiving lectures. If I wasn’t receiving lectures, I’d be browsing for the best references for some project work I did. If I wasn’t browsing, I’d be yelling into my phone at some worker who did something wrong (remember I have a fashion brand ).

And if I wasn’t yelling, I’d be crying. I missed everyone. I missed everything. I missed my old life so much. So you see, it wasn’t intentional.

I screamed as the painful contraction gripped me. It was excruciating and searing. I was sweating and crying at the same time. I’d never felt anything of that intensity before, it was just too much.

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