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Beautiful Mistake – Season 4 [Episode 1 – 10]

Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistake

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Story Title: Beautiful Mistake

Episodes: 10

Category: Love and Romance

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Summary: He was not drop dead gorgeous or anything, but there was just something about Khalifa that made her forget totally who she was supposed to be.

Right from the first time she met him, she was supposed to control herself and walk away, but she decided to play things like the adult that she wasn’t and then she played it too far till she was hit by the dire consequences of the mistakes she made.

In an attempt to prevent things from getting totally worse, she made the though decision to walk out but this time, the consequences were almost fatal and it was too late to turn back.

However, she eventually had a beautiful ending, one better than what she had ever imagined; but at what cost?


Episode 1

Days fly.

I blended into my new school quite well and easily. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but I don’t want your pity.

I made no friends, that actually wasn’t hard for me. When my baby bump started to show a little, Hana got me these really awesome maternity belts that helped me mask the bump perfectly. Plus, sincere gratitude to the plus sized clothes I wore. No one suspected a thing. To them, I was this unattractive new girl who wore the largest dresses they’d ever seen and spoke to no one.

How sad, but it didn’t bother me. I changed my number and gave the new number to my parents. When they asked why I had changed it, I told them the same lie I had told Khalifa. That it fell from my hand and broke into Humpty Dumpty pieces. But for them, I added a little spice by telling them I had misplaced the sim card when I had nowhere to put it.

They didn’t pester me at all, and they didn’t suspect a thing. Once or twice, I called them, just to avoid any suspicion and things went on well.

Hana visited me once, every month and I cherished every single moment we spent together since I was now really alone and I still had no idea what would happen after I had the baby.

It was on one such monthly visit from Hana that I went into premature labour. I had been anaemic right from birth, but I had no idea pregnancy would worsen it.

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