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Beautiful Mistake – Season 3 Episode 7 [Completed]

Episode 7

And as for Khalifa, you realize I had to break the heart of the man I loved right?

Khalifa was not just any man, he was the man. He had this really good heart and a nice spirit. He completed me like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. I forgave us for doing something I should have never done but this, I can’t forgive Khalifa for.

How could he do this to me. He knew damn well who I was and what I stood to lose of I got pregnant but he went ahead and put a child in me. He put a fucking child in me. He slept with me without protection. He took advantage of my innocence.

“You can’t just walk into my life and walk your fucking way out like that!” He yelled.

“Oh yes, I can!” I said.

He paused. His face wrinkled with worry and his eyes flashed fear like a red card.

“Please, whatever it is that I’ve done, I’m asking you to give me one chance to make things right!” He begged.

“It’s done Khalifa, we’re done!”

“Can you just tell me what I did, Sahara?”

I stood up from the bench we were sitting on. He rose up quickly too and tried to grab my hand. Then I nailed the coffin, and I slapped him. His eyes widened with shock.

“Sahara,” he said, choking on his tears. “What have I done wrong?”

I wanted to say something. Maybe a sorry or an explanation for my totally cruel behavior, but I couldn’t.

“Sahara please give me a second chance.” He said and went down on his knees. I turned my back quickly to hide my own tears.

“Sahara!” He called. But before my own tears betrayed me, I picked my purse with my train ticket in it and started to walk away.

“Sahara!” He called after me, and I burst into tears.

“Sahara!” The tears wouldn’t stop.

“Sahara!” I love you Khalifa. I love you so much but you want to know what you did Khalifa, you ruined my life Khalifa!

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