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Beautiful Mistake – Season 3 Episode 6

Episode 6

Did you think I was joking when I said that my life was over? Well, I wasn’t.

I was leaving.

I was going to leave.

It was the best thing to do.

Hana made the plans. We’d deal with things one by one. First, my parents. If I was going to keep the baby, I couldn’t possibly walk home and break to them that I was pregnant in my second year out of wedlock for a guy who knew nothing about religion. I must have a death wish or something similar to even consider doing that.

So the plan was that I’d go home immediately after my morning sickness ends. I would have been in my second trimester then and it is after that time that my baby bump would start to show. I had to do that because they wouldn’t see me for a whole six months and that could help mask any suspicion. Till God knows when.

As for Khalifa, I would break up with the father of my baby, the love of my life. And as for my academics, I would transfer to another school out of the state. I was going to leave my past totally behind.

My parent’s part of the plan went well.

I tended my request for transfer to the school. After seeing what a bright student I was, they accepted my request but not before forging my parent’s signature. Now, I was free of school too.

And as for Khalifa,….

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