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Beautiful Mistake – Season 3 Episode 5

Episode 5

“Sah, I’ve been calling you all day, what happened to your phone?”

My phone? I was going to say nothing but then I remembered smashing it on the wall in the morning.

“Oh my phone! It fell from my hand and it’s all in pieces now.” I lied.

He sighed. “Baby I was shit scared!”

Baby? I feel like vomiting!

He sat beside me and kissed me. I pulled away and Hana who probably thought we needed time alone stood up and opened the door to leave, but I was quicker. Once bitten, twice shy.

“Don’t go!” I almost shouted. She looked at me then to Khalifa, then to me again and she shut the door.

Khalifa did not like this. “Why, Sahara?” He whispered.

Is this guy an absolute idiot or something. Was he really thinking of doing it with me again? Seriously? After all that’s happened after the first one. He tried to touch my hair but I stood up. Anger burned in me till it hurt.

“Look Khalifa, you have to go now!”

He looked confused. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“I’m just not feeling good at all.” I lied.

“Are you ill or something?”

Yes! With morning sickness!

“No. It’s just PMS.” I lied.

He looked at me like he could see through my lie. I don’t think he could have seen through anything, but from the way things have been going since the sex day, I guess he knew that I just didn’t want to be near him.

Sadness flashed in his eyes and I looked away, struggling to keep the tears from betraying me. When he tried to kiss me good bye and I pulled away, he stormed out of the room angrily.

The moment he was out of the door, the tears burst out.

“We should let him know he’s going to be a father.” Hana said, persuasively.

“We can’t tell him. We can never tell him.” I cried.

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