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Beautiful Mistake – Season 3 Episode 4

Episode 4

It’s okay babes, it’s okay. I’m here.” She said, patting my back gently and leading me to the couch.

That wasn’t helping things. I sobbed uncontrollably. Why me? God, why me? It was just once. Maybe actually four in one, but it wasn’t really intentional. I just made one little mistake and now I have to pay heavily for it with not only my maidenhead and my pride, but also with pregnancy.

I didn’t know what to do. At least when I lost my maidenhead, I knew I had lost it and it was gone and over and all, but pregnancy? What the fuck! I say what the fuck! That is something else.

Where do I begin or proceeded from? What do I even do? How would I have a baby in my third year? I’d have been 22, but does that make it any less worse?

Just then, there was a rasping knock on the door.

“Who’s there?” Hana yelled.

“You, open the door!” Khalifa yelled right back.

I wiped the tears on my face and in my eyes quickly like a child about to be caught stealing from the soup pot. When Hana was sure I was ready, she opened the door and Khalifa swept in.

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