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Beautiful Mistake – Season 2 Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode 8

It was like eight weeks after the night with Khalifa.

My best friend, Hana and I woke up in my bed on the morning of that Saturday. I friend didn’t usually sleep at my place like that ordinarily, but we had spent the previous night drinking at a classmate’s birthday party and on nights like that, she stayed at my place.

I woke up with a banging headache. It was so intense, it made me dizzy. I groaned as I dragged myself from the bed, clutching my head. “Ouch!”. Hana already had her headphone plugged on, so she didn’t hear or notice anything.

I struggled to make myself take my bath and throw on some clothes but girl, the cold bath water probably only made it worse. I popped some pain killers but almost as soon as they got in, they rushed back to my mouth. I grabbed a bowl and emptied the contents into it.

” Babez!” My friend asked, alarmed. “Are you pregnant or what?” She asked with a sneer. I knew she was only kidding, but I was in no shape for jokes. Why does she have be like that anyway. How the fuck would I be…… What? No! I’m not pregnant, thank you!

“I’m not pregnant!” I snapped.

“Then what’s your problem?” She asked, still sneering.

“You forgot we were drinking last night, it’s just the hangover!”

“No, I was drinking! You said it nauseated you, remember?”

Then her face went blank.

“Sahara, are you pregnant?”

No please! God please no! I confess, I’ve missed two periods but I had dismissed them for irregular cycle. Or maybe I just didn’t want to imagine the horrors of being pregnant now.

I looked back into the bowl of vomit I was holding and shook my head thoughtless.

I’m dead!

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