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Beautiful Mistake – Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5

“Can we not talk about that, please!” I said.

“Sahara now, come on! Talk to me for the love of God please.” He begged.

Did he totally just say God? Ohh, where was that God in your head when you had my tiny body pinned under that hulking frame of yours. Do you even know where in hell you will be? Let me help you, the hottest part!

“Khalifa please, okay! Just please!” I snapped.

He shook his head, opened his mouth like he was going to say something but changed his mind and shut it. He turned around and started the car.

The drive home was criminally fast and I thought for just a second, if Khalifa wanted to get us killed on purpose. We didn’t say a single word to each and I pretended not to see him stealing angry glances at me.

We stopped before my house and I pushed the door open. I was about to step out of the car when he grabbed my hand.

“Sahara I beg you in the name of God, please talk to me.” He begged.

Seeing Khalifa look do hurt and begging me like that brought tears to my eyes. But I was angry more. I banged his hand away, stepped out of the car and shut the door forcefully.

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