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Beautiful Mistake – Season 2 Episode 4

Episode 4

By the time classes ended, Khalifa was already waiting outside for me by his car. I pretended not to see him and I kept on walking with my face down. He called my name, but I didn’t answer. Then a guy tapped me on the shoulder and pointed towards where Khalifa was standing. “He’s calling you.” He said.

I wanted to ignore him and just keep walking but somehow, I was a coward so I didn’t. I turned around and feigned a weak smile. When I got to where he was standing beside the car, I opened the door and went in without a word. Seconds later, he was in the car too.

“Sahara, what’s wrong?” He asked.

Skunk! Like you don’t know!

“Did I say anything is wrong?” I snapped.

He pulled back, studied my face for a while, looked away, then back at me.

“Is it because of the sex?”

I winced. That hurts. Can you not mention that word please? I didn’t say anything.

“Look Sahara, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have been that rough.” He paused, then continued. “I’d always known you were a virgin but I swear I never imagined you were that tight.”

What? His he totally talking about my va jay jay? What the hell!

Anger coursed through my veins like it had replaced the blood that was supposed to nr there. My hands itched to slap him. I had to clench my fist and use all my will power to prevent it from connecting with his stupid face.

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